Inspired Cockatoo has Prophetic Insights about Current Events

When you think of the cockatoo, think of me…

(An apology: The new WordPress editor is entirely non-intuitive. Where are the familiar “tags” and “categories” buttons? WordPress ought to leave things well enough alone. Oh, I finally “found” them, but I have no idea how I “found” them or how I might do it again. Harumph!)

P.S. Oswego had a BLM protest yesterday. I was driving back from my usual mid-afternoon sojourn at Fort Ontario, overlooking the lake. The protestors — about eight of them — had taken up positions at the four corners of the main intersection in downtown (the crossing point of First and Bridge Streets). At first I thought that they were the evangelists who show up once in a while in the same place. They were holding makeshift poster-board signs, on which I expected to see “John 3 – 16,” as usual. But then, making the left turn, I saw that these floppy, badly hand-printed broadsides carried the now-mandatory “BLM” slogan. An irony: As far as I could see, there were no black people present. Most of the eight were female, with one or two effeminate males. None looked formidable. They were yelling and screaming, of course, but no one paid them the slightest heed.

3 thoughts on “Inspired Cockatoo has Prophetic Insights about Current Events

  1. I drove through a BLM protest last summer, one or two hundred people, mostly white women age 20-40 along with a few soyboys vainly hoping to get laid. Instinct tells single women to show a lot of skin and make a lot of noise until manly men lock them up and start knocking babies out of them, a wish that we cannot grant until the police are disbanded. Which is why every sane woman you meet is already married or in a serious relationship.

    • No doubt but Oswego owes its BLM protest to the return to campus of a small portion of the former residents of the dorms. Sixty miles west of Oswego along the lakeshore, in Rochester, a sufficient nucleus of the lawless and disaffected exists, who have made mayhem in their neighborhoods and elsewhere over the last two or three weeks. Only if the dormitories were full would Oswego have present a (barely) sufficient nucleus of the lawless and disaffected who could, possibly, make token mayhem. Thanks to Wuflu, no such nucleus has gathered itself. I say, “Go on, then, walk forever — PORK PIE!”

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