6 thoughts on “Brazos Country Rambles and Notion 1

  1. Really good stuff, sir. I’ll admit, however, that I was somewhat dejected when, at or around the 21:00 mark, you inserted the water tower with the appropriate quotation. I can offer you numerous photos of so called “wind farms” pockmarking an otherwise beautiful virgin landscape. A water tower isn’t, in and of itself, an indication that man has ruined the landscape, but these wind farms are another case altogether. Or so I tend to think. Same with “Indian Gaming Casinos” so prevelant in my state, but anyway.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you about the wind farms. In some of my images the juxtaposition is meant to pose a question rather than make a statement.

      • Was it intentional that at around the 20 minute mark of volume 2 you inserted another picture of a water tower with the quotation about the tower being what the town revolved around it? It made me ponder the centrality of water to a community and the life that revolves around it. And it is an interesting comparison to the picture and quote mentioned in volume 1.

      • Yes. An object in the landscape looks different when you view it from different angles, and its meaning and even beauty will likewise change with perspective. A water tower is beautiful when you think of all the benefits of running water, but it looks less attractive when you consider that running water is not everything.

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