22 thoughts on “An Aphorism

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  2. Or everyone will forget in two weeks after koch property and bodily damage and some loss of life. Not poo pooing, just saying that is also a likely possibility.

  3. This Chauvin seems, on the face of it, a much nastier individual than Princip. The latter could conceivably have been a genuine patriot seeking to liberate his nation (I say this as an Irishman with my hatred of long English domination), but this excuse for a policeman seems to have murdered a relatively non-belligerent human being over twenty dollars. Let us desist from insulting Princip and Serbian nationalism and contemplate the significance of the name that Providence has thought to provide this turbulent enforcer of the law.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong, mickvet.

      Those of us white men who have dealt with large, intoxicated, criminal “black” males in violent situations see one hundred percent professionalism; calm, retrained, non-confrontational. As soon as the media went with “I can’t breath” and ZEROED in on the “time lapse” and the “chokehold” (it was NOT a chokehold) one knew the fix was in.

      • A man died, for goodness sake. It’s hardly a surprise that there happens to be one bad policeman. The insanity is the reaction that condemns all policemen for this. One gets bad eggs in every walk of life. He has been rightly charged with murder and your claims can be tested in the trial. The suggestion that Chauvin was not expelled already from the police force due to police union intransigence is one that rings true, to me.

        Some good might come of it all. If these lunatically-run cities carry out their notion of abolishing their police forces, the consequences will provide the best education they will have received for a very long time.

      • You have no experience with criminals, detaining grown men or confronting violent “black” felons?

        Yes or no?

        And you clearly didn’t get the autopsy report?

        Yet, in calling this a “murder” you are passively PARTICIPATING in a “blood libel” against American whites.

        You are also helping to set the trap for the annihilation of copious amounts of lower class “blacks.”

  4. Princip’s assassination was political, of course – the Serbian government were certainly involved in some way (see Christopher Clark’s excellent book The Sleepwalkers) – Ferdinand didn’t want to visit Sarajevo at that time, and having military maneuvers coincide with the Serbs’ national holiday was particularly stupid. The irony is that, had Ferdinand acceded to the throne, he would have been more liberal (in the classical sense of the word) in dealing with these matters. Incidentally, the stunning level of incompetence evinced by the Bosnian security forces on that fateful day was breathtaking. – So I don’t think it’s a helpful comparison with Chauvin, to put it mildly.

    • The similarity is that both individuals triggered the unleashing of vast forces of destruction. How great the destruction triggered by Chauvin remains to be seen.

      • Apologies, you are quite right. The penny can drop rather slowly with me. Hopefully, the Chauvinist scale will not match the Principian one.

      • Rioting and looting are taking place, certainly, but it’s not exactly on the same scale as the First World War. It’s an absurd comparison.

  5. The dirty hand of the Jesuit Order is all over these last three months and the Orthosphere is suspiciously quiet about such obvious FACT. [AR: I wasn’t aware George Soros was a Jesuit.] In fact, the utter meekness of commentary, on what has to be for many the most aggressive demonic assault on the individual at the global scale ever witnessed, is just incredibly inexplicable. [AR: Those who blog under a real name have to avoid attracting the attention of today’s Gestapo and Red Guards.]

  6. Thordaddy-with respect to your ‘blood libel’ comment: I merely expressed my opinion about one man and it should be irrelevant whatever is his skin colour. Don’t blame me if the Left has exploited it to launch a racist blood libel against all white people.

    • Mickvet…

      All I’m saying is that it wasn’t “murder” unless you have actual proof of intent to murder. And you don’t and neither does the video provide any such inkling of intent. So by joining this diabolical chorus, you are passively participating in this most evil of false renditions.

      • “…you are passively participating in this most evil of false renditions.” It depends on his intent. Maybe he just used the word loosely.

      • AR says:

        I know what you’re saying, and you’re largely correct, possibly with some exaggeration. But I’m not going to risk drawing the Red Guards to this site by too much expression of raw truth. In war, you don’t expose yourself to enemy fire unless you’re prepared to receive it and the situation calls for it. I’m not, and it doesn’t. There are other sites expressing what’s really going on. Therefore I’m not posting your latest comment.

      • Fair enough.

        But there was no exaggeration.

        And “we” can’t let the our enemies pervert every gosh damn word in our language.


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