The Secular Androsphere Begins Its Turn to Christ

My prediction in 2013 that the androsphere was ripe for conversion to Traditional, orthodox Christianity, or else to nothingness – are there any real alternatives to these two ultimate destinations, ever? – was controversial. Our friend Dalrock was then already one of the three or four most important sex realist bloggers, and wrote from an overtly and stoutly conservative Christian perspective (his guest post here is the fifth most read in our history). And there have been other like-minded bloggers in the androsphere. But most of that sphere was then dominated by purely secular pick up artists, interested to understand the sexes – especially the female sex – only as a way to manipulate as many women as possible into fornication of some sort. So my prediction met with a fair degree of skepticism.

I rejoiced then to hear a few months ago that, after a dire and extended dark night of the soul, such as comes eventually to all men, perhaps the most famous and influential writer in the androsphere, Daryush Valizadeh, or Roosh V., had renounced the manipulative, cynical, worldly and essentially wicked Game that had made him famous, and that had earned him a living, and turned decisively to Christ, via our brothers in his ancestral Armenian Orthodox Church. He has now devoted his great rhetorical talent to the conversion of souls.


A bit of my happiness at this news was of course due to the advent of a marker of the success of my prediction. But almost all of it was due to the good things that may come from the huge influence Roosh has on thousands of young men. His conversion – and amazingly rapid progress in understanding the moral, spiritual, practical, and cultural implications of the Faith – could have a massive cultural impact, for the good.

As one who has criticized Game – not unsympathetically – since long before I wrote that post in 2013, I’ve been meaning to take note of this conversion for some time, and to congratulate and welcome Roosh, publicly, back to the fold. May God Bless and Keep him, etc. His courage in first abandoning a budding career in corporate America for the world of Game – so massively incorrect, politically – and then, having built a living on that risky move, in renouncing it for the even more incorrect conversion to Traditional orthodox Christianity, is a lesson to us all. May all Men of the Right be inspired by his courage, and by his example!

I am moved now to this recognition of this great Prodigal’s great Return to the House of his Father by a few paragraphs of one of his most recent posts:

All lifestyles, with no exception, cause disease by their very nature, because they separate you from God. They are designed to fill you with worldly distractions, pleasures, and fame. Even if you don’t actively worship Satan, if you are not consciously serving the will of God, you are serving the will of the father of lies. Satan will approve of any lifestyle you choose. If you participate in anything that could even be construed as a lifestyle, or one where a corporation sees you as a marketing opportunity or audience segment, you have fallen for a lie, and will undoubtedly suffer as a direct result of your behavior. There is suffering even if you are a practicing Christian, but that suffering does not stem from your own lifestyle choices.

… The word “lifestyle” is rather new. It is yet another ingenious attempt by Satan to convince humans that they can figure it out on their own, but by attempting to do so, they put themselves squarely in rebellion against God. The only outcome for a person who pursues a lifestyle is to become gravely ill before eventually suffering spiritual death.

Amen, amen! It is just as I wrote, in a post published the other day: everything we do is worship, of someone or other: of just one someone, or just one other. We must choose. To the extent we do not choose God – to the extent, i.e., we choose some specious lifestyle or other – we do not choose Life Himself, or therefore life for ourselves. Do you devote yourself to some idiosyncratic oddity of life, or – harking back to my most recent post – of the life of the mind? Is it *in any way* at odds with your chthonic Traditional orthodoxy or orthopraxy, of cult or culture, of family, people, or nation? If so: dude, you are almost certainly in trouble, and bound for trouble, and should turn from your wickedness, and so live.

As Daryush has done. Welcome, brother. May you be as great in the cause as your archetype, Saint Augustine.

And, may all his readers follow Daryush from the desert of this present world toward the Paradise of the Most Real that has been ever hidden in its depths. Welcome, brothers!

7 thoughts on “The Secular Androsphere Begins Its Turn to Christ

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  2. I don’t follow the manosphere much, but I did come across this vlog last year ( where Roosh visited the Greek monastery in Florence, Arizona. I was impressed by his self-awareness. Basically, Roosh’s pride and sense of justice were bruised by the monks who told him that, as an Armenian (non-Chalcedonian), he had to remain in the narthex. Then, later, he encountered the late Athonite Elder Ephraim, who founded that monastery and many others in America, and it changed his perspective of the situation. God be praised!

  3. >My basic argument is that life shorn of a transcendental dimension, such as that to which the merely mundane androspherean is doomed, is not worth living.[3] You work hard, and then you die. That’s it.

    I don’t really agree. Having kids and grandkids is sort of the secular way to cheat death.

    I should also add while religion is a universal feature of human cultures, a strong focus on afterlife is not a universal feature of them. AFAIK Judaism and Ancient Greek and Roman religions, while have / had an idea of an afterlife, don’t / didn’t put such a strong focus on it as Christianity does.

    The Ancients seems to have been more interested in the continuation of their lines and their fame after death than the getting into Elysium instead of Hades thing.

    I can understand that. On my deathbed I will be far more into meditating about what have I achieved and what am I leaving behind, rather than speculating about where I am going now.

    I see a lot of this in the Manosphere. Discussion like while getting married and having kids might be not such a good deal with modern divorce rules and stuff like that, one still has to try it and not waste ones life on meaningless sex.

    I think the transcendental dimension might be necessary for the universe to make sense, I keep wondering about things like how and why are the equations of science sort of hardcoded in the software of the universe. But not for our lives to have meaning, as reproduction is a fairly strong meaning-giving force.

    • Having kids and grandkids is sort of the secular way to cheat death.

      The problem is that it is totally obvious to even the meanest intellect that having kids and grandkids does *not* cheat death. All our kids and grandkids will die. If we feel despite this inescapable fact that having kids does somehow cheat death, it must be because having kids has in fact a meaning – a value and a purpose – that outpasses their eventual death.

      If a nihilist finds meaning in life, willy nilly, then his nihilism is false; he has disproved it empirically. To say that nihilism is false *just is* to say that there is a transcendent dimension to reality.


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