“Shorty” R.I.P.

Shorty 01

“Shorty” Looking out at the World

Life is sacred. “Shorty,” a rescue dog, shared his life with family and friends for eight rich years. My wife and I believe that “Shorty” was thirteen or fourteen years old when he passed away Saturday, late in the afternoon.

27 thoughts on ““Shorty” R.I.P.

    • Thank you, Gil. Yes, the bond between people and dogs is a Great Mystery. Grace speaks through their affection and their loyalty — and through their mighty efforts to understand us.

  1. I’ve always believed that our pets do go to Heaven and will meet us there. I know you will miss him. Our Father God sure knew what he was doing when he created dogs as a friend to man!

    • Dogs have included themselves in humanity. Thank you for your comment. Yes. Humanity and dogs were teleologically destined for one another. Watch YouTube videos of dogs adopting squirrels, racoons, ducks, and otters. Dogs will let themselves be tormented by other animals. Dogs possess a tolerance which people might well imitate.

  2. My Condolences.
    An Eastern Orthodox Prayer for the Death of A Companion Animal

    Holy God, everything that has breath praises You both in this world and the next. In Your all-encompassing mercy, O God, we now commit the life of this our beloved friend and companion (name) to eternal fellowship with You.

    Create within us a spirit of gratitude for the life of (name) Give rest, O God, to (name) who lived among us and gave us freely of (his/her) love.

    Holy Father, Your Son Jesus Christ taught us that not one sparrow is forgotten in Your sight; We ask therefore for You to provide a place of green pasture where (his/her) praises will be heard in Your presence and where (he/she) shall be free from suffering and pain.

    God our Creator, hear our prayer:

    Glory to You, O Christ our God, the origin and destiny of all living things;
    Glory to You, O Christ our God, Who bears the wounds of all suffering;
    Glory to You, O Christ our God, Who transforms suffering into joy.
    You are the God who creates and the God who reconciles and redeems all creation.
    Glory to You, O Christ our God and Saviour of the Universe: in Christ shall all be made alive.

    Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. (3)

    Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

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  4. Tom, my dear, I am with you in this. Shorty is now added to the list of my own good animal friends, now departed for a while from me. Demo, Rosie, Freya, Joffrey, Jade, Weed: Soon, my loves, shall I see you again, I trust. And, too, for the sake of my dear friend Tom, Shorty.

    Any friend of my friend is mine own, indeed.

    If I should meet Shorty before you do again, Tom, I shall care for him, and reassure him that soon you shall be there.

    I feel quite sure that one of the great joys of our resurrection shall be a fond reunion – and, after that festival, a great and profound and permanently peaceful rest, a great comfortable sleep (to be followed, of course, with all manner of terrific and important adventure) – with all our animal friends. For, here’s the thing. We Christians credit the resurrection of the body. But the body is a procedure of the whole cosmos. You can’t obtain a body without its attendant cosmos. It’s all, or nothing. For, lo, how could my body now inhabit a cosmos wherein Julius Caesar and Demo – and dear old Shorty – had not ever lived and died? it could not. So, plainly, in our resurrection all shall be restored to us: Caesar, certainly – vale, good man, and all that – but also Demo, and so also Shorty.

    Nothing that is good shall be lost. Omnipotence could tolerate no less. On that therefore we may rely, and rest, and so at last remember that our departure from our dear friends shall last only a little while, all things considered.

    Peace, then, my friend. Peace, my love. Shorty is already waiting for you, tail a wagging. He sees you approaching the Immense Door already, no? So is he happy. Soon you, too, shall be at home with him. Peace.

    • Thank you, Kristor. That is how I see things: Shorty, already chasing rabbits in the Elysian fields, but only to make friends with them

      • Shorty has become one of the most acclaimed and admired dogs in the blogosphere. All I can say, Tom, is that it’s a good thing that Shorty couldn’t type, otherwise you would be remembered only as his ever-solicitous enabler. My best. Gil

  5. Dear brother, it’s sad to say goodbye to your friend, Shorty. He was a pure heart, devoted to household and toy box he cherished. Big ears, big eyes and four adorable short legs — he was absolutely splendid! Shorty gets a tear and a standing ovation. He carried everyone a long way.

    • Like most dogs, Shorty was a natural clown. He especially liked to tussle with the toy that we called “Yellow Snake” (because it was yellow and had the form of a snake!). It was a “squeaky toy” with multiple noise-makers. He obviously enjoyed the noise-making feature, but after amusing himself for a while, he would thrust it into my hands — asking me, as I knew, to toss it across the room so that he could attack it once again and fetch it back to me. It made him ecstatically happy.

  6. When I was a mental health caseworker, I really developed an understanding about the love people have for their pets. They truly do become part of a family through more than just a physical presence. My condolences for Shorty’s passing.

    • Thank you very much, James. Your kind words — and those of all the others who have commented in this thread — make it easier to bear the loss.


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