11 thoughts on “Sir Roger Scruton has Passed

  1. A quote on the Guardian calls him “the greatest conservative of our age”, and that is certainly true. “The Meaning of Conservatism” is probably the greatest 20th century conservative text.

    • I routinely assign the chapter on “Youfanasia” from The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Modern Culture in my classes. In it, Scruton exposes the idiocy and exploitative character of the cynical commercial culture that passes itself off as “youth culture.”

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  3. I’m even more basic. I had not read his own published output, but I I did read his 2019 Year in Review in the Guardian in which he discussed taking solace in hard times in reading Shakespeare, George Elliot, Conrad, among others. That has meant a lot to me as well recently.

  4. Very pained to hear of his death. His insight on so many subjects was such a gift.
    My point of intersection with him was his love of music. I read his book on Wagner’s Ring last year and I understand that he was working on and completed a book on Parsifal. I hope this is a reality and that we still may partake of his wisdom on the subject. My own view is that Parsifal is very misunderstood, so I’d like to hear his views.
    I knew him primarily through his Youtube discussions and lectures only in the last 3-4 years; so, it’s like losing a new-found friend.

    • Sir Roger did mor to rehabilitate Wagner — in the face of increasing animosity to his work — than just about anyone else in the last fifty years. The Ring of Truth is one of the best works on Wagner ever written.

  5. I was saddened to hear of his passing, he was a good man. And I was also sorry to learn of his sacking last year by the usual suspects. While not a devotee of his, I did admire him and his work, if not being quite in agreement with all of his arguments. Also, I got the impression he was some kind of agnostic, at least, he seemed to come off that way (some of the time), but I could have been misreading him. But I’ll take an honest, good-willed ‘cultural’ Christian over a leftist ‘believing’ Christian any day!

    Sir Roger is not the only good man to leave us so soon into this new year…Christopher Tolkien passed only yesterday.
    He was the faithful steward of his father’s legacy for over 40 years.
    Its thanks to him that so much of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works ended up published, everything from The Silmarillion, to the Unfinished Tales, to the 12 volume History of Middle-earth series, let alone other, more scholarly works. How much poorer the western cannon would be without those gems! And more than that, he was a dutiful guardian, protecting Tolkien’s work from the ravages of our time.
    He was a fine man, like his father…a better man from a better era…
    RIP Christopher Tolkien
    11/21/1924 – 1/16/2020

    All these old school British gentlemen dying…so sad. May God rest their souls.


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