9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Readers of and Contributors to The Orthosphere

  1. I recognize that as one of my favorite Christmas CDs that I bought in the mid 1990s: Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Players performing Praetorius.

    Here’s my personal compilation of Christmas YouTube gems (each is 3-5 minutes):

    It includes two of my favorite ensembles: Gesualdo 6 and Voces 8.

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Orthosphere!

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  3. For those who don’t remember or never knew – The Orthosphere blog concept arose some eight years ago on my blog –


    …During which time there has been some turnover in the posters (in my case, due to no longer being ‘orthodox’ in my Christianity!) – in particular, I recall Proph (along with Kristor) as being dominant in the founding period.


    Merry Christmas to all!

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