At first it was peculiar,
Outré and bizarre;
Then it was annoying,
They’d really gone too far;
In time you rose in anger,
You shouted words severe;
At last you shrank in silence,
Because you felt the FEAR.

At first it was a rumor,
An after-dinner gag;
Then it was in the news,
Respectable and rag;
They threaten legislation,
You saw they were sincere;
They passed a law,
And then voila,
My friend, you felt the FEAR.

The tiger that will eat you,
Appears a distant mote;
You eagerly anticipate
Telling the anecdote;
But the tiger that was distant,
In no time is quite near;
You see the jaw,
and then voila,
Your anecdote is FEAR.

At first you felt amusement,
And then you felt alarm;
Your face grew grim when first you saw
They mean to do you harm;
Alarm brought resolution,
Vain dashing cavalier;
They took your sword,
And your reward,
Is now you feel the FEAR.

2 thoughts on “The FEAR

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