3 thoughts on “Ladysmith Black Mambazo v. the Title 9 Administrator

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  2. I had an African Christianity history seminar in undergrad. where we read a lot about the Xhosa and Zulu — and the prof. assigned videos for us to watch, as well. I was amazed by their music and by how intelligible and beautiful it was to western ears. It’s strange to me how similar African (at least Bantu) and European music is compared to that from India or East Asia. The latter usually strikes me as rather alien and difficult to grasp. We always hear about how music from the Americas is a Afro-European fusion, but not all mixtures work so well together.

    • Ladysmith Black Mambazo collaborated with Paul Simon back in the 1980s on his stellar album Graceland, which featured this number. I saw the group in concert in Philadelphia in the early 1990s when, attending an academic conference and becoming completely bored with the palavering panels, I decided actually to enjoy myself one evening. Compare the “Township” style of Ladysmith with American “Rap.” One is civilized; the other, savage.


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