11 thoughts on “Hillary Klug v. Greta Thunberg (It’s Okay to be Hillary Klug)

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  2. Point taken on the contrast but can I make one remark in Greta’s favor, having to do with attire? I think the Orthosphere is a safe space to do this.

    I absolutely despise those mini things Miss Krug’s legs are wedged into on the Cotton Eye Joe video. It looks like she has lost much of her garment inside of her. I regret such an observation but not as much as I regret these hideous articles making public appearances. I am grateful at least that it seems they have fallen out of fashion as compared with a few years ago.

    • I see a pretty girl who resembles the pretty girls with whom I went to high school in Santa Monica in the late 1960s and early 1970s. (“Hot pants” were in fashion in those days.) I suspect that la belle dame Klug is perfectly comfortable with being a belle dame — and I believe that, in this era of renewed anti-sexual puritanism, such an attitude is actually healthy. She’s a buck dancer, an old tradition, and she has great legs. Ninety per cent of the coeds in my classes take pains to conceal their femininity — in shapeless pajama-like clothes while deforming their spines under the weight of immense rucksacks full of… who knows what?

      Greta looks to me like a fake teenager. I suspect that she is much older than is claimed and that she conceals her actual age by dressing plainly and braiding her hair in the manner of Pippi Longstocking. Notice that Greta never appears in actually feminine attire, whereas Miss Klug wears dresses and skirts. If the West has a future, it will stem from Miss Klug and not from Miss Thunberg.

      I would not, however, reject your view altogether. I understand it. It is based in a notion of modesty. As you say, there is room for disagreement at The Orthosphere.

      • To this masculine eye a calf-length gingham skirt would be more attractive both for the particular dance she is doing and also in general. What she is wearing is too aggressive and really not feminine! Any feminine grace is overcome by the aggression, regardless of whether intended by Miss Krug (willing to bet it’s not intended).

        Regarding Miss Thunberg I am in agreement about her attire, and it is faint praise to say that at least it’s not hotpants.

      • The first time I saw Greta Thunberg castigating the “adults” for destroying the earth, her childhood and future on stage, I thought of the main character in the movie Orphan.

        I agree with buckyinky regarding Hillary Klug’s wearing of “hot pants.” You probably would too, Tom, were that your daughter or wife in her prime. When my wife and I first married we went to my family’s family reunion at Lake Murray, South of Ardmore, Ok. I took her as a trophy to show off dressed in a very skimpy bikini. One of my cousins came up to me and said, “wow!, your wife is smoking hot!” Funny in retrospect, but I could not believe what I was hearing, and swiftly told him to watch his mouth about my wife and keep his eyes to himself. I’ll never forget his reaction: “hey, don’t get upset at me; you’re the one who brought her here dressed that way.” The truth of that statement hit me square in the mouth, and she never wore that bikini again, not at least in public. One of my daughters used to try to dress in “hot pants” but I would never allow it. At the time she thought my depriving her of that privelege of walking about with half her *ss hanging out the seat of her shorts was tyrannical. She is married and has two sons now, but I’m hoping she and her husband will eventually have at least one daughter – a daughter who acts and tries to dress just like she did when she begins to come into her prime. I think they call that “poetic justice,” or something like that. Ha, ha.


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