Business Ethics

In business ethics classes, students are supposed to become what they are studying. Ethical. In light of this miraculous transformation, Upstate College is cancelling the study of zoology, veterinary science, biology, mathematics, philosophy and modern languages – though admittedly too late to prevent the emergence of exotic animals, protozoa, equations, Platonic Concepts and sweet incomprehensible murmurings from assorted classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Business Ethics

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  2. At Upstate College, as at Upstate Consolation University, once the fanatics have assumed control (and this is long since a fact) — then the dialectic works itself out as follows: Anything that affirms the world — and which, therefore, affirms the ultimate principles of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful — threatens the regime, or rather threatens the regime’s pretense that it is the world. That thing must be cancelled. Because quality and variety can only be what they are through participating in the Trinity that sits atop the cosmic hierarchy — they too must be canceled. The regime will proffer equality in place of quality and uniformity in place of variety, but because people enjoy variety, the regime will call its uniformity by a name that resembles variety. “Our diversity is our strength.” But the word “strength” is also a lie. Uniformity, humanly speaking, is a great weakness: It effectively cancels the essentially human quality, which consists in the difference of one person from another. I skip over subsequent stages. The dialectic is finally, in a total way, self-canceling. It is the spurious triumph of pure nihilism.

    P.S. The devil ought to visit both Upstate College and Upstate Consolation University in the same humor as when he visited Moscow in 1928.


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