I am writing to announce the Society for the Encouragement of Xenophobia, or SEX.  SEX promotes healthy insularity, combats the prejudice against provincialism, and celebrates the beauty of exclusivity.  SEX affirms that suspicion of strangers is natural and healthy, and that its free expression is the birthright of every man, woman and child.  SEX is necessary because xenophobia is nowadays repressed, persecuted and defamed by Cosmopolitan bigots.  These zealots have succeeded in criminalizing xenophobic behavior, and in planting morbid feelings of guilt and shame in the minds of many xenophobes.  Cosmopolitan propaganda has also taught far too many people to shun the xenophobes in their community, and to dread xenophobic feelings in themselves.  SEX fights back with educational programs that explode the dangerous myths about xenophobia, and that put a human face on the xenophobe community.  SEX stamps out the ugly lies and shows that xenophobes are no different than anyone else. They are your co-workers, your children, your friends.  But SEX mostly encourages xenophobes with the assurance that they have no cause for shame because God made them just this way.

16 thoughts on “SEX

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    • Implying someone is mentally impaired for expecting law and order is slander.

      Satirizing the legitimate concerns of people whose enfranchisment is being diluted against their will is malicious.

      Pretending the illegal immigration isn’t an invasion by other means is fraud.

      Advocating foreign peoples’ forced replacement of a native populations is aiding and abetting genocide.

      Leveraging the violence of the state against others who do not share your views in order to be generous with other people’s money is hypocrisy.

      • My satire was aimed at our enemies. I think indiscriminate use of the word xenophobia is a slander, that it is normal and healthy to feel some suspicion of strangers, and that there is such a thing as pathological altruism.

  2. I was a little unsure of what was going on until I read “suspicion of strangers is natural and healthy”. That solidified it in my mind that you knew what you were talking about.

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  4. I wonder if your burgeoning organization may have some common ground with a small advocacy group I run – Geocentrists Agitating on YouTube.


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