Black Hearts Down

Contrary to what we are told, it was rather easy to stay on the right side of the old Western Church.  In general, a baptized Christian was required to confess his sins at least once a year, attend mass fairly regularly, pay his tithe, and refrain from teaching heresies.  This might not have satisfied God, but it satisfied the Church, and for many people satisfying the Church was enough.

These requirements were simple, clear, and well within the reach of just about everyone.  What is more, a man could know, and quite possibly prove, that he had satisfied them.  Keeping the Church off you back was largely, as we now say, a matter of checking the boxes.  There were, of course, more exacting levels of discipleship for those who had a taste for such things, but the yoke lay rather lightly on the necks of the laity.

The old Puritans hated this arrangement because it meant the Church was stuffed with publicans and whores, and Puritans believed that publicans and whores must be purged.   They must be hounded out of the Church, and, if possible, hounded out of the world.  Staying on the right side of the old Puritan Church was hard because the old Puritan demanded evidence of saving grace.

In other words, the old Puritan insisted that there could be no difference between being on the right side of the Church and being on the right side of God, and he therefore began the terrible practice of looking into the state of every man’s soul.  To avoid persecution, it was no longer enough to periodically recount one’s sins, attend a mass, pay the tithe, and refrain from teaching heresy.   These objective requirements were replaced (perhaps I should say supplemented) by a more or less subjective evaluation of a man’s spiritual condition.

Because the old Puritans never really succeed in taking control of society, publicans and whores found some peace outside the old Puritan church.  There they might run afoul of secular law, but secular law was objective, and staying within its limits was within the reach of just about everyone.  A man generally knows if he is trespassing on his neighbor’s farm or committing adultery with his neighbor’s wife, and when he is wrongly accused he can often produce evidence of his innocence.

The same cannot be said of the spiritual sins of coveting his neighbor’s farm or lusting after his neighbor’s wife. The old Western Church taught that these spiritual sins were grievous in God’s sight, but it had the good sense to leave a man’s heart alone.  A man’s heart might be full of sin, but objectively blameless living was good enough for the old Western Church.

The new Western Church is Political Correctness, and this is run along distinctly Puritan lines. Racism, antisemitism and homophobia are its spiritual sins of the heart, and since the new Western Church admits no God, just chastisement of these sins cannot be left to God.  To carry any of these sentiments into conduct is, of course, especially wicked, but suspicion of their presence in the heart is sufficient grounds for persecution.

I know that my employer assumes, without evidence, that every employee and student is a racist, anti-Semite and homophobe, and it therefore persecutes us with mandatory training and struggle sessions.  One can, of course, “check the boxes” by submitting to these requirements, but this alone does not put one in the clear.  In the new Western Church, almost everyone is under permanent suspicion of a black heart.  That is why mandatory training and struggle sessions are recurrent.

One problem is that these new spiritual sins of the heart are much more amorphous than coveting my neighbor’s farm or lusting after my neighbor’s wife.  Each of them can easily be defined in a way that leaves almost nobody innocent. I have seen it asserted, for instance, that unwillingness to date a transgendered person is evidence of the spiritual sin of transphobia.  It is now pretty well established that racism can take in every opinion that not taught by the faculty of a race and ethnic studies department.  Some people have no difficulty conjuring antisemitism from the simple fact of saying no to a Jew.

I do not know about you, but I cannot honestly say whether or not I am guilty of the new spiritual sins (allowing for the moment that they are spiritual sins).  But I do know that there are fanatical Puritans (what we call SJW’s) who believe they can see into my black heart if I give them the slightest pretext.  Some have merely to look at me.

And that is why it is not at all easy to stay on the right side of the new Western Church.

15 thoughts on “Black Hearts Down

  1. My employer has solved the conundrum of seeing into our hearts. Moving beyond the mandatory reeducation courses to instill into employees the fear of doing or saying something that could be construed as a sin against the new Western Church, my employer now requires each employee to affirmatively demonstrate visible good works in furtherance of the new Western Church. My recent performance assessment documented what appeared to my employer as a lack of enthusiasm for good works towards “inclusion”. I’ve been instructed to look for ways to show that I’m a better ally to my female, minority, or LGBTQ coworkers to ensure that these particular employees feel more welcome to express their authentic selves in the workplace and more effectively voice their opinions. One suggestion is to sign up for my employer’s Ally Nation, which is to pledge to proactively and visibly help these particular employees feel empowered. It’s a daunting task to be responsible for their feelings of welcome and empowerment, especially in terms of moving the needle when my employer at every level and turn lauds them while denigrating my own Christian identity. Well, at least I have a quarter to think of something that I can list in my next performance review to demonstrate that I’m on the right side of the new Western Church. In the meantime, I guess my employer will just have to be satisfied that my works are directed towards completing the tasks I thought they hired me to do.

    • They are opening up new frontiers of mandatory piety. You might consider adding a voluntary sixth day to your work week, as this would allow an oppressed colleague to enjoy a much needed long weekend. It’s the least you could do to make up for your oppressive presence on the other five, or rather four, days of the week.

    • You should declare that you’re a woman (or a man, if you’re actually a woman) and leave it at that. In the current year, trannies hold the top rank on the Progressive Stack, though that tends to change frequently. Maybe next year furries will be #1, and pedos the year after that, who knows.

      You don’t have to change your name, appearance, genitalia, hormones, or behavior, and anyone who thinks you ought to should be called out for their sexist, transphobic stereotyping.

    • I don’t know if you sing this rather lugubrious hymn in your church, but here is one we collectively moan every week, adapted for the new dispensation.

      Blessed are the pure in spirit
      Longing to be lords,
      For the earthly kingdom shall be there’s.
      Blessed are the deplatforming
      For they shall be enrolled,
      And the pure shall come to rule the world.

  2. “…is not at all easy to stay on the right side of the new Western Church.”
    Neither Voltaire nor JS Mill could manage it comfortably.

      • The finest literary depiction of this that I know of is “The French Revolution” by Thomas Carlyle. Truly, this is History as Literature.

  3. Heh. When I was young one of the reasons I was a committed atheist was that I was having random sex with girls picked up at the music club and thought it is not allowed for religious people, sex outside marriage and all that. I didn’t figure humblebragging about them to a priest would be enough. (Confession isn’t humblebragging, but come on, what is a red-blooded young man likely going to do when this topic comes up at the confession? 🙂 )

    As I had no idea about the real church, I imagined it being extremely strict.

    Now at 41 with no interest in having sex with anyone but my wife and having noticed that my other sins like wrath, sloth, gluttonny and drunkenness have obviously negative consequences and I must work on them anyway, there are basically no practical advantages of staying an atheist and there might even be a practical disadvantage, that it might make working on said sins harder.

    • When you get older, you realize the priest is probably bored by confessions of fornication. I wonder if they make celibacy easier. Imagine how hungry you would be after listening to gluttons confess for a couple of hours.

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