Great Mother: All Talk

Great Mother

The Neolithic GREAT MOTHER

This is an extended comment on JMSmith’s previous post. I once taught a senior seminar in “advanced literary criticism.” I asked the students to read Rene Guenon, T. S. Eliot, Jose Ortega , and Roger Scruton. At the end of the semester an obviously “offended” female student asked me, “Where is the voice of women?” I retorted, “Where is it not?” And, “You ask the wrong question — where is the voice of TRUTH?” Followed by hostile silence. Truth was not familiar to to complainer. She only knew how to talk, talk, and talk.

Notice that the Neolithic image has no face and is therefore not an individual, but only a type. Notice that it is enveloped in the grossness of its own corporeality. Obesity seems to be one of the criteria for admission to my campus. The Prez of my campus has recently said in a radio interview that he or she has directed the administration to lower admissions-standards so as to recruit a nucleus of “students with drive.” The enrollment of my classes includes many undergraduates with “drive,” whatever that is, who refuse to read. A large number of students seem to have the “drive” to over-eat. As far as I can discern, weight-reduction-programs, although health-positive, have no place in the diversity-agenda.

“Drive.” Even in Freudian psychology, as crude as it is, The “drives” are relegated to baseness. The “drives” are what provoke the “discontented” to anti-civilizational rage when civilization, as it must, thwarts them. A recruitment-program that seeks to enlarge the nucleus of the discontented is an anti-civilizational agenda.

A conspicuously placed poster in the main corridor of the Campus Center appends numerous autographs around the crudely written slogan, “The Future Belongs to Women.” Not if they omit to liaise with men.  And if I were twenty, with many I would not, under any circumstances, liaise. One liaises with women who exhibit spiritual acuity, moderation, and compliance with the structure of reality. I would not liaise, for example, with Occasional-Cortex. Or her peers. Or the obese Great Mother pictured above. So much for the human race. There were sexy girls in my youth, who could converse, or play the piano, or speak French, as opposed to talk, talk, and talk. Of course, one could speak French with them. And one could converse with them, rather than talk, talk and talk.

In 1974, Liz and I went to see an Italian-language film — it was Fellini’s  Amarcord — in downtown San Diego, and afterwards, in a restaurant in Torry Pines, we exchanged intelligent conversation about what we had recently viewed. Liz, who could play Bach on the piano, was culturally acute and politically unbiased. We never spoke of politics. The film that we mutually appreciated would be banned under the contemporary regulations of witch-hunting political correctness. In it, men and women behaved like men and women.

5 thoughts on “Great Mother: All Talk

  1. We’ve been taught to want badly. Without rightly ordered desire we don’t want truth and so we reap the consequences of falsehood, needless pain. From a purely selfish perspective every disconnect from reality corrupts our ability to even enjoy the good.

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  3. I’ve told the story before of one of my daughters who was a pretty good gymnast. When she was about six years old she approached me about enrolling in a tumbling class. The class itself had an enrollment of about fifteen girls, only two of which (my daughter and one other) were not obese. It quickly became very obvious that my daughter was the only girl in the bunch who possessed the “drive” and the body type to perform the vast majority of “tricks” her instructor was teaching them per the “tumbling” curricula. And ultimately her teacher took me aside and suggested I enroll her in a good gymnastics academy since, as she iterated, “she is a natural.” Which I did, of course, but the point of my comment is that on one occasion when my wife was otherwise indisposed, I took my daughter to her tumbling class and sat with the other parents (all women) and observed what they were being taught. This particular day the instructor was teaching the girls how to perform a back walkover. No one could do it except my daughter. When her instructor pointed this out in an apparent attempt to shame the other girls into trying harder, one of them immediately piped out, “well, that is because she is so skinny, and we are all [slight hesitation] normal.” To which several of the moms (all themselves obese) answered slightly under their breath with a round of approval.

    As I’m sure you are well aware, such girls (as well as boys) tend to emulate their parents’ love of food and gorging themselves. And many many of them have a pissy attitude t’boot. Which of course makes it almost impossible to shame them into the reality of their obesity, its ugliness and its long term implications for their health. World we live in, I guess.

    • A pithy anecdote. I would guess that obesity is fungible in that it can function as the basis of a victimization-claim (“in school, they always laughed at me because of my weight”). And that kind of claim, as you well know, earns the plaintiff points on a college application form, for example.


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