Respecting Authority is the Reciprocal & Implicate of Subsidiarity

As those functions best handled lower in the social hierarchy should be delegated downward, so by the same token should those functions best carried out higher in the hierarchy be delegated upward. The father should not enslave the son, but nor a fortiori should the son usurp the offices proper under the Order of Being to the father.

The father *can* do anything that the son might, but ought not to do what the son might – for, it is just that the son should do what he might well do. So the first motion of just authority is the devolution of power and authority from father to son – subsidiarity – and the second, responsive motion is loyalty, fealty, and obedience of son to father – supersidiarity.

Render unto Caesar is implicit in honor thy father. But so is render unto God, who is father also of Caesar.

And subsidiarity is implicit in fatherhood. As a father cares for his children, so does the Lord care for those who fear him.

Likewise obedience is implicit in the utter dependency of childhood. The more dependent you are upon someone, the more are you inclined to reckon him authoritative, or at least to obey him.

Obedience weakens and resentment blossoms when authority is somehow specious: tyrannical, stupid, evil, etc. Tyranny – with its stupidity and evil – likewise compounds when fealty is weak.

Both motions are needful – first downward benevolently from on high, then upward again piously, and with a whole and happy heart – if society is to be just, and so peaceful.

2 thoughts on “Respecting Authority is the Reciprocal & Implicate of Subsidiarity

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