Social Justice: an analysis part 2 of 4

Social Justice: an analysis part 2 has been published by Gates of Vienna. Part 1 is here.

Beginning as a summary of The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell, the article took on a life of its own. While heavily indebted to Sowell, the analysis ranges further.

Topics include Tough Love vs Mother Love – with modernity suffering from a relative absence of one and a surplus of the other. In Kindness and Charity I argue that SJWs supposedly want both but in fact fill the world with hate and resentment by claiming that all life is a zero sum game and if someone is doing well it is only at the expense of the downtrodden, an idea promoted by Karl Marx. Hierarchies and Equality points out the absolute necessity of hierarchies for social life to function, among other things. Hierarchies and Achievement tries to explain why “from he who has much, more will be given.” Relatively slight differences in ability and industriousness can result in vastly different outcomes for reasons that have nothing at all to do with discrimination.

The end of part 2 ends by commenting on the splendidly informative experiment that was East and West Germany. By taking the same group of people with a common history and cultural habits and subjecting them to different political and economic systems the results were clear very quickly. The “social justice” of communism did not work out at all well.

5 thoughts on “Social Justice: an analysis part 2 of 4

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  2. I once noticed that a prayer for social justice was inserted into the (American) Book of Common Prayer sometime between the 1890s and 1928.

    • Bruce: Fascinating. I didn’t know the term went back that far. Tom B. has observed that justice stops being justice as soon as it is qualified. It’s always disturbing to learn how far back going off the rails extends. Berdyaev foresaw all in the ’20s with some help from Dostoevsky.

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  4. Superiority, and thus development, is then regarded as a sin. — Richard Cocks…

    Striving towards Supremacy equals desire for degeneracy. [In a perverse world – RC]


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