Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Get Over Yourself & On to a Holy Lent

One of the oddities I have noticed in my time as a dour dire Orthospherean is that we seem to get quite a few followers who are into self-actualization, somehow or other.

It’s odd. Self-actualization is so very *modern,* after all, and we are … not. It is, we might then say, somewhat heterospherean.

Self-actualization is important, to be sure. It’s just our becoming, and therefore basic to creaturely reality. But, it’s not the most important thing, is it? Indeed, it is utterly unimportant, in the final analysis, compared with *doing the right thing,* regardless of what it costs you. No?

Get this. It’s not about you, and your tiny little self and her creative little actualizations. It’s about God. It’s about the Eternal One. If you are the least bit worried about you and what you want, you are on the wrong track. And on that wrong track, you are bound to unhappiness, misery, want. On that track, you are headed to Hell.

So: want to actualize yourself? Forget your self then, and all her pretty petty actualizations. Stop trying to be yourself.

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. All other things will then follow in due course and meetly – aye, and far more plentifully than you or even Lucifer in all his seraphic power might have arranged for your sake.

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. For, he is the font and origin of all other things that are good, and worthy. Nothing else comes to us that is good, but from him.

In no other way might you truly actualize what God wants you to be – not for your self, you tiny fool, but for him, in his infinite wisdom about what is good, mutatis mutandis. In no other way might you actualize your true self, and so enjoy the everlasting bliss that he wills for you.

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. For, if you do not – if you seek it second or third – then you won’t really be actualizing yourself, however nice it might feel. On the contrary: you’ll be deactualizing yourself, and instead actualizing something quite other, and much less, than who you most truly are. You’ll be losing your soul.

Know that the good that God sees for you might well entail your torture and death, a martyr in his service.

Welcome that. Seek it, by God: deus vult! What could possibly be better?

It’s very simple. Nothing could be simpler. Lay your life an offering and sacrifice at the feet of your Lord.

He is after all infinite. What other compares to him in value? Compared to the Eternal Infinite One, nothing else even registers. Better to suffer the pangs of Hell forever than to cheat Infinity of his due.

Go ahead, then: give it. Give it all. It is the merest thing you could do; the least you could properly do; the very first beginning of anything you might rightly do.

So, Kristor: get on with that, eh? That way lies fearlessness, and peace, come what may. What holds you back, forsooth?

Such as Fallen is our basic struggle.

A Holy Lent to us all; onward, then, toward our everlasting Easter.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Get Over Yourself & On to a Holy Lent

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  3. Here’s one way of putting it: “Self-actualization” is fundamentally a teleological concept; to go from a state of potentiality to actuality. What we are potentially is an image of God. To make that image actual is the same as doing “the right things”. It is becoming what we are.

    • Yes. The only path to actualization of the true self is the imitation of Christ – is to put on the mind of Christ. This assumption toward him is of course not completable, for it is an expansion of the finite creaturely comprehension toward the limit of infinity; toward to apeiron. That is to say that it is everlasting.


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