Bless Their Soles!

“As fit . . . as a pancake for Shrove Tuesday . . .”
Shakespeare, All’s Well that Ends Well, ii.2

This line is spoken by a clown, and what a clown he was.  Everyone knows that it is a shoe that fits, not a pancake.  And fortunately there are American retailers on the ball and ready to remind us that this last day of Carnival is really Fat Shoesday.  Bless their soles!

5 thoughts on “Bless Their Soles!

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  3. Who do they think they’re advertising to? Don’t they know that Americans lost any respect for Lent with Unitarianism, and they’re several iterations beyond that, now?

      • I think it’s known well enough. Even up here in the Northeast, far away from the partying that goes on down south we’ve heard of it.
        There’s even more than a few people who know what Fat Tuesday is.

        You’re forgetting something…the food. Fastnachts, paczki, King cake…
        Even if people have forgotten God, they still remember the food. For now at least.
        Just walk into a grocery store and the holiday food is out on display. Bakeries showcase them. Even the local news covers the food aspect of Fat Tuesday.

        So the names are known well enough. And the fact that it’s connected to Lent. And that Lent is something that Christians do. Or did. Or something.
        But that’s probably the extent of most people’s knowledge of the subject.


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