The Interpenetration of Worlds is Born to Us: Hosanna in the Highest!

When we forget, and begin to think that this world is all that there is, it is easy to wax now and then discouraged – which is, to wane in spirit, in vim and vigor, and so to disappoint our mundane debts, that could have been satisfied by steadfast courageous virtue, of the worldly, merely manly sort, had we but kept our guts. Forgetting that there is more than the current petty defeats we all daily suffer at the hands of our deluded purblind incompetent adversaries, so numerous and so dull and so stupid to life as it plainly is and to things as they obviously are, it is all too easy to say, “forget it, never mind, sorry, going away now.”

And, “to Hell with you.” And, then … to go away. To leave the fight. To simply down arms and walk away.

Fortunately, thanks be to God, there is Christmas.

Christmas tells us again and again that our Captain is ever with us in this muddy, bloody, dour and thankless fight, and – since he is the very Lord of Life, and its origin – that his cause, and so ours, cannot possibly fail.

Our victory is assured. Never mind our death, then, eh?

It’s a great thing, to have Infinity on your side, in the fight against nothingness. It is a great thing, to recall that this our life’s battle and work is a skirmish in a small world, that is contained within a whole hierarchy of worlds, stretching up above us a mighty tree to Eternity himself. It is a great thing, to know that all those worlds that tower up above ours in an infinite stack look down upon us with care, and caution, and that they will our salvation, and our victory.

It is a great thing, to remember at Christmas that all those high temples have forever and permanently entered this world, in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is of them all the Logos, and the Principal, so that this world is now always and in all ways transformed from its former errant diseased condition into a forecourt of the Heavens that loom above us glorious, effulgent, lively, beneficent – open to us again, aye, and welcoming, thanks to him.

Those Heavens infuse and translate our own. Rejoice, then! We are saved! Our own little battle is won already!

And all who martyrs have in it fallen are redeemed and raised to life everlasting. How happy, they! So: let’s follow them. No?

Death after all is a second thing. Life is first. No life, no death.

Life is first, and foremost, and basic to all else, and – as we can plainly see, from no more than the fact that one moment proceeds into another, inexorably, massively, gloriously – bound by logic to prevail everlastingly.

Give not o’er, then, my friends. Keep on. Keep ever, ever in the fight. Onward, together, to death, and beyond to its redemption and glorification in life everlasting!

Merry Christmas! Wait and watch for the dawn! Deus vult! A merry, merry Christmas, and a Happy, Gladsome New Year!

Sing on, then: Deo Gracias!

The Mystical Nativity, by Botticelli.

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