Atheist Mass Murderer

The Texas killer, whose name I omit, was a proselytizing atheist, which puts him in the same circle as Lenin, Stalin, the Austrian demon Schickelgruber, Mao, Pol-Pot, and Che Guevara, to name but a few, and not merely for his atheism.  As Richard Cocks pointed out to me in an email exchange earlier today, main-stream media have let the homicide’s religious convictions go unmentioned, but even the alternate sources of information seem not to know how to deal with it.  I am struck by a couple of additional details.

Texas Shooter

The Texas Killer

Earlier photographs of the gunman show him looking quite stupid and wicked, but between the occasions of those likenesses and recent days, he altered his appearance with a mustache and beard, in a remarkable, as it seems to me, simulacrum of the aggressive Musulman-style.  The stupidity and wickedness have not vanished, but a new, even more sinister impression has manifested itself. Even the tonsure seems right.  The killer made himself up, in other words, so that he looked like a jihadi, and he then behaved like one. I have no sure knowledge that he had that intention, but the result is nevertheless remarkable, so that he might as well have had that intention. Neither am I asserting that the killer had converted by submission, and was therefore an actual agent of jihad, but his hostility to the God of the Christians is the functional equivalent of Islamic wrath against the so-called infidels.

Another thing: The terms “mad,” “insane,” and “mentally disturbed” have been trotted out, as usual, to describe of the killer’s mood and his deed, but try to find the word “evil” anywhere in the torrent of journalism. Of course, the killer’s victims fall into a non-mascot category.  Maybe the brave SJWs who now dominate the reportorial profession cannot bring themselves to conjoin those victims with the concept of an evil perpetrator, and thus with evil itself, an ascription which they reserve only for those who injure or kill members of the mascot-classes, like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

The story of the Las Vegas killer, whose toll was higher than the Texas killer’s, has meanwhile slipped away down the memory whole.  Once again, I find it hard not to conclude that the identity of the victims has something to do with it.  (And maybe the perpetrator’s convictions or ties supplied him a motive, but since the reporting of the incident has evidently been shut down, we have way way of knowing.)

The Columbine murderers, like Leopold and Loeb, were adolescent dimwits who believed that they understood Nietzsche, that they were supermen, and that they were therefore beyond good and evil; they also, like the Texas-killer, singled out Christians.  Of Dylan Roof’s beliefs, who, like the Texas killer, assassinated Christians attending a service in their church, I can find no account.  My intuition is that he would find himself much in agreement with the Columbine duo concerning theology, were they available to be his prison pen pals.

Journalism categorizes Roof as a killer of black people, but not as a killer of Christians.  (The Wikipedia article, which I will not link, treats the Baptist affiliation of Roof’s victims as incidental, as though it could have played no role in Roof’s selection of them whereas the only evidence we have says it did.) Journalism never described the Las Vegas shooter as a killer of white people, but only as a mass-murderer; nor will journalism categorize the Texas killer as the mass murderer of white people although the category of white people is a stock of journalism where the said people are always the who and never the whom. Journalists will only reluctantly acknowledge — because there is no way around it — that the victims were Southern Baptists.

I’d bet money that the Sanders-supporter who shot Congressman Steve Scalise was a Dawkins-sympathizer; and so too in the case of the man who, more recently, physically assaulted Congressman Rand Paul.

10 thoughts on “Atheist Mass Murderer

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  2. The rhetorical trick of the journalists is to encourage confusion of descriptors and explanations. The descriptors are always true, but they are not always explanatory. When I read “police shot a black man,” it is easy to suppose that his blackness explains his being shot.

    The little I have read about the S.A. shooter suggests that “proselyting atheist” understates the reality. It suggests something like a Salvation Army matron passing out tracts on a street corner. This fellow seems to have been more of a screaming, in-your-face Christophobe. He hated Christians and had made this hatred clear since he was in high school.

    I think it was Bill Buckley who coined the word “Christophobe.” Funny how journalists never picked that one up!

    • You’re right, J.M. My impulse is always moderately to moderate my rhetoric but in this case I might have moderated it immoderately, given the truth. As to — “he hated Christians and had made this hatred clear since he was in high school” — I say: Yes; he emoted and acted like a jihadi, who had been mumbling verses of the Koran since he was three years old. His mental state must have been formally equivalent to that of a jihadi who had been mumbling verses of the Koran since he was three years old. Call him a ranting atheist. “No god is greater!” Boom!

      Or, combining your suggestion with one of mine, call him a Christophobic wrath-monger. The wrath-mongers have been thick on the ground for a long time, but they have come out more thickly, and they have acted with increased boldness, since the Sublime Grace of Hillary’s defeat one year ago.

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  4. In regards to these shooters who perpetrate mass murders, the only labels that matter to me, other than the victims names and the labels their families have for them to mourn their loss, is that they were unarmed or peaceful. They were often going about their daily lives enjoying life regardless of any specific label.

    • Yes, Jim. That is so. But… there is a long history of wrath against people “going about their lives enjoying life” and that wrath is consistently associated with the Left. Ideologues from the French Revolution forward have taken murderous exception to people “going about their lives enjoying life.” Congressmen Scalise and Paul were indeed “going about their lives enjoying life,” the one at a charity baseball game and the other relaxing in his own backyard when they were attacked by agents of ideologically inspired wrath. Not to mention the ambushed and massacred Las Vegas and Texas victims. Like the folk in the mead-hall in Beowulf, they too were “going about their lives enjoying life.” And by that very activity they offended their bigoted, Grendel-like, homicidal assailants.

      Those same wrath-mongers have, with equal consistency and no little success, obfuscated and mitigated their — often practically effective — hatred by the propagation of a sinister rhetoric. It is the Left that is obsessed by color-labels, ethnic labels, and class-labels and that builds of them an unjust and bloodthirsty hierarchy. Thus when book-obsessed Grendels commit mass-murder, which they do regularly, the Grendel-sympathizing talking-heads of the Left immediately change the subject to Grendel-phobia, making the victims the perpetrators — thereby further victimizing them. To call out the perpetrators becomes the crime. That way the talking-heads avoid having to address the fact that the book-obsession, like every other form of ideological obsession, takes its animation from a red-hot hatred of the idea that some people somewhere might be “going about their lives enjoying life.”

      Where patterns emerge, honest people have the obligation to observe those patterns. The whole arrangement of the existing so-called information society is to stymie pattern-recognition.


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