Another Skin Suit

Many mordant chuckles have been roused by David Burge’s 2015 tweet, #lefties.  If yours hasn’t yet been one of them, the tweet details the process of “convergence” this way:

1) Identify a respected institution.
2) kill it.
3) gut it.
4) wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

The thing inside the skin suit—or, rather, inside all skin suits—is Leftism.  If there is a case of Rightists coopting a Leftist institution, or even a non-political institution, I would be happy to hear about it.  Happy because it would give me a slender thread of hope that our cause is not altogether lost.  But, no.  Sooner or later, tub-thumpers for the Left will end up occupying all of our pulpits, lecterns, editorial chairs, Hyde Park soapboxes, and bar stools.  Sooner or later, every movie, website, newspaper, and novel will become an instrument of The Propaganda.

I was reminded of this when I received notice of the theme for this year’s Geography Awareness Week, an annual beano whose greatest merit is that it lasts only seven days.  As you can see, Geography Awareness is identical with Leftism awareness, and this year’s contrived theme of “Civil Rights Movements” is represented in exclusively Leftist terms.

The banner photo is, you will notice, taken from last January’s Woman’s March on Washington, the signature pussy hats of the marching women picked out in pink to assist any dim-witted geographers who might have mistaken them for the porters on David Livingstone’s march to Victoria Falls.  I do not know what this petulant mob of disappointed Democrats has to do with civil rights.  Nor do I know what “a geography of civil rights movements” might be—the “geography” of such movements being, I suspect, extremely varied.

So, I’d say we’re looking at a skin suit here. Actually, a double skin suit.

First, we have sore losers dressed in the skin suit of civil rights demonstrators.  But a sore loser is ridiculous, not respectable, and the Woman’s March was, if anything, a childish lapse of civility.  Second, we have social justice warriors dressed in the skin suit of geography and using Geography Awareness Week as an excuse to demand respect for pussy hats, “nasty women” who “get shit,” and “the Resistance.”

12 thoughts on “Another Skin Suit

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    • I’d like to see this since it would match my profile. This is the line Rod Dreyer tried with his “crunchy cons” program, with what I’d call mixed results. In a movement organized around a composite identity, one of those identities usually wins out, so that, for example, it begins to admit hippies who are neither Republican nor Catholic. Still, I think this is worth exploring.

  3. Whether it is a Leftist institution or a converged/skin suited Rightest organization, I think both are dead organizations. I don’t see much benefit in Rightists trying to skin suit something that is already dead. Leave it to rot of its own accord, either find or create a living institution, and do not allow infiltration of Leftists that will only kill your organization.

  4. “… assist any dim-witted geographers who might have mistaken them for the porters on David Livingstone’s march to Victoria Falls.”

    Great writing! I laughed out loud. Thank you.


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