The Bots Like It!

Bots are some of my most faithful readers.  They are really stand-up guys, these bots–always first in line to “like” what I have written.  Their “likes” arrives in my mailbox like a birthday card, very often decorated with a photo of a fetching lass, inviting me to pop round to her website and read what she has written.  To an unpopular writer, these bots are like sex dolls to an unpopular guy.  They are a simulacrum in which I would like to believe.  But this is hard to do because bots, like sex dolls, are dumb.  Here’s a “like” from an outfit called My Queer Sky.  I suppose this bot has decided that I am a repressed homosexual with an unhealthy mania for the really stern bits in Leviticus, or maybe it just knew I’d be a sucker for “adorable LGBTQ animation short films” (who knew).

(Likes from real readers and writers are, incidentally, much appreciated.  When time allows, I usually follow the links back to your site and read something you have written.)

7 thoughts on “The Bots Like It!

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  3. You might remember the classic 1950s low-budget sci-fi flick The Invasion of the Snatcher-Botties, in which bots snatch and replace human beings, disguising themselves as people while building up a pointless charade of humanity. Or — wait — was it a sci-fi flick? Or was it on the Evening News being read by someone who looked like Walter Cronkite? If we knocked on Hillary, would she sound like Ed Wood?

  4. Someone please read the link regarding Leviticus for me and let me know what it says

    Due by close of business


    P.s. I’m gonna need u 2 come in on Saturday

  5. “Top 5: Most used gay dating apps in Namibia”

    I would think that list would look like:
    1. Grindr
    2. Yelling “you up for some sodomy” to passing strangers
    3. I got nothing


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