Proposed Necessary Nomenclature: “Sexpervism”

There’s a widely-used, one-word name for female selfishness organized into doctrines and movements.  “Feminism.”

There’s a widely-used, one-word name for forcing the majority group to give up its place to minorities. “Multiculturalism.”

Reveling in uncertainty and ambiguity is called “Postmodernism.”  And so on.

Something else needs a catchy, one-word, widely-used name: The forced legitimization of sexual perversion and confusion. It’s not just the deviant sex acts and the sexual ambiguity and confusion. More importantly it’s trying to force us to say the deviance and confusion is not just acceptable, but good.

Approving of adultery and fornication, homosexuality and bisexuality, transgenderism, sexual indeterminism and all the rest. It’s expressed in written doctrine and there’s a campaign to force it on us. So it needs a catchy name.

The name must be one word, relatively short, and expressive. A catchy name makes it easier to hold the phenomenon in your mind and to notice it when it occurs. It’s an indispensable part of responding appropriately to the times. And it has to be one word, even if the word has many syllables like “multiculturalism.”


So I propose “sexpervism” as the official word for legitimizing sexual deviancy and confusion.

[“Sexpervertism” is not bad, but too specific. Perverts are people, but we’re talking about more than people.]


Yes, the word is ugly. But so is the reality. It’s a case of abstract alliteration.

So Bruce Jenner, Hugh Hefner and Nambla are sexpervists. Legislation criminalizing therapy which tries to reorient homosexuals is sexpervist. Flying the rainbow flag is showing allegiance to sexpervism. Mattress Girl is a sexpervist as well as a feminist. I could go on and on.

I’m open to suggestions of a better name. But until then, we shall add this to the contemporary dictionary:

Sexpervism: the doctrine and practice of forcibly misleading mankind about sex.

54 thoughts on “Proposed Necessary Nomenclature: “Sexpervism”

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  2. I like the term “Progressivism” because their doctrine is one of endless “progress” toward “equality”. I see this driving by dilapidated rainbow-flag churches with signs proclaiming “All are welcome” (yet the church is empty) and “God is still speaking” (which sounds better than “We make up new doctrines every day”)

    Like a swarm of lemmings or a herd of stampeding cattle, Progressives advance as one leaderless mass, everyone changing their beliefs at maximum speed to keep up with the Harvard Consensus. There are a lot of ethnic Jews near the head of the pack, giving them the appearance of leadership. In fact, rootless cosmopolitans just progress faster, unhindered by any connection to the blood, soil, or traditions of the host nation.

    • Yes, but we need a term for the sexual doctrine. That’s the limited role of “serpervism.”

      I do like the herd imagery, though. Mindless mass mayhem, all under the banner of progress.

  3. @Alan

    You are right, there is need for such a term! This isn’t a bad first shot, but I think the perv element is insufficiently bowdlerised for this kind of thing – plus perv strikes me as a rather dated, early-70s kind of word…

    However, I can’t come up with anything better off-hand. My term, so far, has been Sexual Revolutionaries – although it is also important to emphasise that it is *Permanent* Sexual Revolution they seek (not any particular final state of affairs) – that is, the aim is a permanent situation of actively transgressing sexual boundaries.

    But we do need a snappy single word for it…

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  5. I have used the term Fornicationist, but it is obviously far too limited. Erotomaniacs works in some contexts, but doesn’t capture the evangelical aspect that you rightly emphasize. I suspect that many of the people you’d like to name are not, personally, all that into sex. Since their aim is not so much to indulge in sex as it is to smash sex as we know it, we might call the movement Erotoclasm, its proponents Erotoclasts, and all things connected with it erotoclastic.

    • “Erotoclasm.” Definitely more classy than my proposal.

      On the other hand my word packs an emotional punch that yours lacks. We’ll see.

      • I’ve read angry young men who call this dildocracy. They are really referring to the larger culture in which self-pleasuring is the archetypal act, so dildocracy takes in consumerism, the culture of complaint, and general narcissism. Of course the symbol of the dildo might seem to let a lot of people off the hook, so one could say Whankism, Whankist (not the same as a humble Whanker), whankistical, etc. A 1956 dictionary of medical slang spells the word Whank, but I believe Wank is now the rule more common.

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  7. How about ‘sextavism’? A simple mash up of sex and activism; referring to both the politicized nature of the trend and it’s never to be satisfied appetites.

    • That’s pretty good. The best proposal so far.

      “Sextavism.” Say it to your self and see how it rolls off the tongue.

      We may have a winner. Stay tuned.

    • Pretty good. It rolls off the tongue easily. And it identifies the normalization of deviancy as the essence of the phenomenon.

      But “sextavism” still has my vote as the pest alternative to my proposal

    • You’ve captured the absurdity of the whole thing.

      Of course, just about all of Leftism is 2+2=5 ism, so it lacks specificity.

      • I think he is right Alan, too many will take Sextavism positively. We need a word that expresses the ugly and tyrannical/dictatorial nature of what the current crop of sexual revolutionaries are up to.

        Also, it must be a word that needs little (preferably no) explanation to everyday people. Honestly without you explaining it to me, I would have no idea what on Earth “Sextavism” means. Is it some kind of school of thought based off the Kama sutra? Freud? Is that the proper name for Naked Yoga?

        “Sexpervism” is self explanatory. But it also sounds…wrong. Like slang or internet lingo. Sexual-perversionism is longer but sounds like proper English.

        As for myself, I’ve been fine just calling them “Sodomists” all these years.

      • One reason this is hard to name is because the phenomenon has never before existed in widespread form. Previously, our leaders might have tolerated deviant sexual action, but they never demanded that we approve (apart from isolated incidents). We’re in uncharted territory, and the existing terminology is inadequate.

  8. Prosodomy. I.e., the character of being in favor of sodomy. Thus, prosodomism is the notion that the political order should be prosodomic. And those who adhere to prosodomism are prosodomists. They may themselves live perfectly normal lives, and suffer from no sexual perversions. But they believe that sexual perversions are just fine, and ought to be celebrated, and even encouraged.

    • If “sodomy” came from “Sodom,” then why not name something odious after San Francisco? A little unfair, perhaps, but you know what they say about all’s fair…

  9. Coming up with a catchy name is damn hard. I like Sexpervism best, but you could switch it around to make it roll off the tongue a little easier. Pervisexualism, or Pervisexist.

  10. If those on the other side have a word for their ideology, perhaps that would be the one you’re looking for so that you could piggy-back onto the work they’ve already done in getting it into the lexicon. Then, if ‘X’ is the word, you could show how ‘X’ is bad thereby giving a known word a bad name. But I don’t know that there is such a word and perhaps the proponents of this horror were wise not to adopt one. Conservatives have had quite a bit of success in turning the words ‘feminism’ and ‘liberalism’ against the feminists and liberals but it seems there is nothing but smoke to punch against here.

    • “…nothing but smoke to punch against here.” As I said in another comment, mankind in in uncharted water here. That’s one big reason why there is no accepted term for the phenomenon.

      • I totally see your point and it is a difficult situation. Although, from a tactical standpoint, they have provided one very rich target in that they are going after the children in an open way with the bathroom thing. Although they don’t frame the issue this way , they are advocating that grown men have a right to shower with school girls. Most people are against that in a big way.

  11. How about just using the old-fashioned words, “deviance” and “perversion”. These are shocking terms (which is kind of fun) nowadays because they’re so “judgy”, which is a very defiant thing to be (which is also fun).

    • True, but it’s not just deviance and perversion. More importantly, it’s the widespread and so-far mostly successful campaign to legitimize them. That is a new thing which needs a name

  12. How about some combination from such as “mal”, “gyn”, “male”, “gen”, “patho”, “…and “…efactors”? Fragments tying artfully, somehow, to male, female, [de]generation, malignity, propagation, and promotion.

    A few shots in the dark:


    …Looking at only one among candidates for the first syllable.


  13. As if my typos and errors were not enough my promotion-won (cheap) tablet makes unintended “corrections” and substitutions/duplications, as above.

    More grist playing on disorder/entropy:
    Malgentrophy or …opy

  14. I had someone call me a “sexual essentialist”, so I countered by calling her a “sexual existentialist”. She took enough umbrage to it that I decided to keep the term in my repertory.


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