Beer Bandits Run Amok

A College Station man was yesterday set upon by three ruthless beer bandits. He had been peaceably getting himself outside of a cold one at the Wayne Smith Softball fields when, as he told police, “a group attacked him and stole his beer.” He naturally fought for his beer as a man fights for his flag, but the thee toughs were younger, and no doubt thirstier, so they overpowered the man and bore him to the ground. The affray ended when he “was able to break free,” but, alas, not with beer in hand. Crippled by “minor injuries,” the helpless (and now beerless) man watched “the group run toward apartments on Luther Street,” where they no doubt proposed to have their way with what remained of his beer. And their way, it seems, they had. For that beer was nowhere to be found when, a short while later, guided by the sound of stifled belches, police captured Edward Castilleja (19), Xavion Devonta Nickerson (18), and Cory Lamonot Davis (17).

3 thoughts on “Beer Bandits Run Amok

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  3. Beer banditry seems to be a growing problem on college campuses these days. FABBs (fathers against beer banditry) need to unite to stop this insanity!


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