That Slimy Swamp

“That slimy swamp,

It must be drained,”

He resolutely said.


“I will not rest

Till every fly

And alligator’s dead.”


And so with ax,

And spade, and gun,

He set to work with vim;


And so with mud,

And flies, and snakes,

The swamp came after him.


He briefly battled

Mud and flies—

And with the snakes not more.


But soon the mud,

It swallowed him—

The swamp was as before.


(This is my centenary post at the Orthosphere–JMS)

7 thoughts on “That Slimy Swamp

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  3. The biggest obstacle to draining the swamp is Trump’s biggest mistake: AG Sessions. Trump first realized it in the spring, was sure of it by May and tried to tell his base in July. But the base wouldn’t listen.

    • His so-called ‘base’ doesn’t matter. Through trickery and bravado and genuine courage, his political team managed – against all odds – to stack the voting machines in his favor by coordinating a larger river of meat (some of it dead) than his competitor (most of it dead), and through back-room deals, leverage, and intimidation due to immemorial custom convincing enough of the electors to back him that he was ritually ceded his seat in the White House.

      His ‘base’ has nothing to do with any of that, as far as agency is concerned. Never fool yourself into thinking anyone in the mass of people in the US has political power.


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