Son of Locksley Update

Some weeks back we published a guest post by Son of Locksley, in which he explained why he couldn’t (and still can’t) speak German. His short and unsurprising answer, as you may recall, was that an SJW was standing in front of the blackboard.

Son of Locksley has since set up his own shop, which you will find here.  He’s added a second post and a couple of podcasts, and promises to keep at it. He will henceforth write and opinionate as “Cotton,” but the website remains Son of Locksley.

That name is, of course, an allusion to Robin Hood, who came from the village of Locksley, and it was more particularly inspired by a line from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s play The Foresters (1892). Maid Marion is explaining the difference between great and little men, and more particularly between rambunctious Robin and the lickspittle Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff swims with the zeitgeist, Robin against it.

“Your Sheriff, your little man, if he dare to fight at all, would fight for his rents, his leases, his houses, his monies, his oxen, his dinners, himself. Now your great man, your Robin, all England’s Robin, fights not for himself but for the people of England. This John—this Norman tyranny—the stream is bearing us all down, and our little Sheriff will ever swim with the stream! But our great man, our Robin, against it. And how often in old histories have the great men striven against the stream, and how often in the long sweep of years to come must the great men strive against it again to save his country, and the liberties of his people!”

What you will find at Son of Locksley is one young man’s attempt to make senses of “the stream that is bearing us all down,” and of all the quisling Sheriffs that are tubing, fat and happy, beer in hand, on its brown and fetid waters.

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