Is There a Second Reality?

Reality 01

Reality Winner, Queen of the Resistance (“Winner, winner, chicken dinner”)

Yes, her name is “really” Reality Winner. (That’s what I would name my daughter.) When this, or she, or it, is the First Reality, it automatically produces the Second Reality; the process is akin to that of a college-student on Spring Break taking a “selfie,” or rather innumerable “selfies.” The Second Reality is always in the character of a “selfie.” This is an open thread.  Like, totally, way open!  Comments are invited.  (“On what topic are comments invited?” — “Whatever, Dude.”)

Witness another version of the Second Reality below —

The Second Reality is — apparently — very, very sensitive. (Use quantum foam while shaving.) Again, comments are invited.  Does Reality Winner use quantum foam?


40 thoughts on “Is There a Second Reality?

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  3. I hope Shaheen isn’t suggesting one should look upon one’s actual ancestors differently than one looks upon random human beings. I mean, aren’t we all equally “related” on the transcendental plain?

  4. There is almost certainly a Reality Loser out there somewhere. And don’t forget Reality TV. For example, The Q-Files with its eerie slogan, Reality Is Out There. If the A-G has anything to do with it, Reality will be out there for quite a long time.

    • She is the person who first broke the story (from her job in the national security apparatus, and with all that “secret” and “top secret” security bullshit which is supposed to apply to her likes *equally* to the likes of me or you, Bonald – I mean, c’mon!) of the supposed Russian infiltration into the late presidential election.

    • “Is there a story about the person in the first picture that I’m supposed to know?”

      Not really, if you excused the adjective, Bonald. It’s just that some of us had the misfortune of visiting The Drudge Report earlier today. Now, sadly, we know about Reality Winner.

    • It could be removed, but that is merely a practical question. It is good to let the foe, or the useful idiot of the foe, characterize himself, or herself — or whatever, Dude — for the sake of knowledge and the edification of posterity.

    • A loser might be someone who let himself be captured. Or who fired his missile while in formation waiting to take off from the aircraft carrier. And just about sank the aircraft carrier.

  5. Does that look Photoshopped to anyone else? I’m not saying it definitely -is-, just that it very much -looks- like that photo consists of roughly three parts: the head, the body, and the bra, and that they all belong in different pictures. The shadowing and color saturation is… weird.

  6. I’m guessing that Reality’s college experience paralleled that of the Mattress Girl. Totally, Dude!

  7. There seems to be a certain common psychological profile for these types of leakers. Compare “Reality” with Bradley “Chelsea” Manning or Glenn Greenwald (name changing, gender bender, perverted sexuality). As much as we here are all against the Leviathan state, I just cannot find muster much sympathy with these types. For them leaking government secrets is just one more assault on reality.

    • Yes. Even the word “leakage” has a certain toxic and therefore obnoxious quality to it. The word implies a kind of unhygienic lasciviousness.

  8. Referring to another human being as “it” is exactly as perversely sinful as demanding that everyone else call you “they” or “them.” Pronouns, people!

    • Well, I’m sure Doc. Bertonneau said it in a moment of weakness after the shock of seeing what she has done/is doing to herself.

      My family and I traveled through Edmonton about 22 or 23 years ago; it was late at night as we drove through and we stopped for fuel and refreshments at what turned out to be a full service gas station/convenience store. I was momentarily distracted at the pump by one of my children in the back of the van, as the attendant made his way to my side of the vehicle. When I opened the door to get out he suddenly appeared and startled me; not because he was there, but because of what he looked like, which was basically a tattooed up, chained up, pierced up freak clad in gang banger clothing who, contrary to what you would normally expect someone in his capacity to dress and look like, immediately struck me as someone who had ill intentions (to rob me, and/or harm my family). So my instinct was to take a defensive posture and prepare for battle. Whereupon the attendant immediately took a couple steps back and began to apologize for startling me and to reassure me that he was merely there to provide a service.

      I never questioned his humanity, but I do distinctly recall saying to my wife as we drove away, “what kind of a freak was that?” Granted I should have said “what kind of a freak was he?”

      • Thank you, Terry. I must reply, however, to Kat John, that “itness” is the unavoidably obvious design and intention of Reality Winner. The image that Winner has purposefully cultivated and then publicized indicates that she, to speak generously, has traveled far down the road of subscendence, and not willy-nilly. Winner’s chosen appearance tells a story of willful self-desexualization and willful self-dehumanization. That story can be read immediately by any mature observer. Calling Winner an “it” is neither perverse nor sinful; it is merely accurate. I might feel a twinge of pity for the creature, but it would be an abstract kind of pity without much in the way of actual sympathy for the one who sets out to provoke it. There is a fitness to my “itness.”

  9. @pbw. — “Only if squared.”

    Have you ever eaten at the Pythagoras Bakery in Greek Town? Their motto is, “Our pies are squared.”


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