Surprise, Surprise

It appears that Professor Woke has been, as we predicted, found to have been openly open to the idea that killing whites may play a part in the correction of racial injustice. This is, at least, the inference an ungenerous mind could draw from recordings made in his classes (here). Once again, you heard it first at the Orthosphere.

“Of course, university administrators are today making a great show of being flabbergasted, appalled, astounded, and disgusted by Curry’s “rhetoric that was filled with hate.” And yet they all very recently agreed to tenure Dr. Curry for publishing articles and teaching classes that, I am fairly certain, expressed precisely the same opinions.”

6 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise

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  2. There is nothing wrong with hate as long as it is the right kind of hate. This of course until the ‘proper authorities’ declare the ‘right kind of hate’ to be the ‘wrong kind of hate.’ I don’t always know who the proper authorities are for determining this, but I know they’re there and I love ’em.

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