22 thoughts on “No Title Necessary: Res Ipsa Loquitur

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    • From Breitbart:

      “Pop megastar Katy Perry made an impassioned plea for people to co-exist’ and said that ‘barriers’ or ‘borders’ could detract from that goal in an interview following the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K. on Monday night that claimed the lives of at least 22 people and injured dozens of others.

      “In an interview Tuesday on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, the ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ singer suggested that people ‘unite’ following the tragedy, which occurred as young fans and their parents were leaving the 21,000-seat arena at around 10:35 p.m. local time.

      “’Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other,’ Perry said, adding, ‘No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.’”

      • From Lee Harris, Civilization and its Enemies (Free Press, 2004):

        The enemy is someone who is willing to die in order to kill you. And while it is true that the enemy always hates us for a reason, it is his reason and not ours. He does not hate us for our faults any more than for our virtues. He sees a different world from ours, and in the world he sees, we are his enemy. . . This is the major fact of our time. We are caught in the midst of a conflict between those for whom the category of the enemy is essential to organizing all human experience and those who have banished even the idea of the enemy from public discourse and even from their innermost thoughts.

      • To which Achmed retorts, “silence!; I kill you!”

        Katy Perry: stick to entertainment and continue your lavish lifestyle off the profits. You have no idea how things actually work in the real world and on the ground, thus you have no business recommending any kind of response to this horror, political or otherwise (To which Katy Perry retorts, “silence! I love you!”).

  2. There are twenty-two dead, almost all of them girl-children. There are seventy wounded, some of whom might die.

  3. Woody: I first allowed your remark and posted a reply to it. On consideration, I have deleted both. Twenty-two girl-children are horribly murdered. To the degree that my Latinism is pedantry, I own it. Let us grieve for the twenty-two girl-children horribly murdered. Let us direct our righteous anger to their murderers, for the plural is certainly correct, as Messieurs Weston and Robinson attest.

    • Dear Dr. Bertonneau, I understand your action and am just sorry that my post came across as flippant and trivializing the atrocity of Manchester, which certainly was not the intent. I totally share your horror, outrage and view of the threat, and that of the filmed speakers. Christ is Risen!

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  5. Listening to Paul Weston, it occurred to me that Britain is like a man with a fatal viral infection. Weston tells us that the answer is to eliminate the virus from the body, which is true enough, but does not ask why the body was open to infection in the first place. Politicians are often loathsome, but a politician always in some way expresses the population that voted for him. If Britain is ruled by a “traitor class,” Britain itself must be corrupt and rotten.

    I think Bruce Charlton has been telling us the truth about this for some time, and that is that there is nothing Britain is actually for. This is evident in Weston’s statement that all Britons wish to do is live “in peace,” and as their ancestors had done. I take this to mean that he would like secular consumerism to continue, but secular consumerism cannot continue because it has no resistance against a ideology that aims at something more that peaceful enjoyment of the little pleasures of secular consumerism.

    It’s like a drunkard who complains that his poor health gets in the way of his drinking!

    We can learn something from Tolkien here. The Shire will not be preserved by simply removing the Ring from the Shire. And doing what needs to be done to the Ring will require more than simple “Hobbitry.” Hobbits and Hobbitry are part of the salvation of Middle Earth, but they are absolutely helpless without the “return of the King.”

    • This is a subtle matter. What is the essence of Englishness? Judging by the character of my maternal grandfather (the soft-spoken man was Kentish by origin, about as English as you can get), a gentle attitude of “leave me be so that I can go about my Englishness” might constitute that essence. Englishmen may be rallied, as Oliver Cromwell rallied them, and again Winston Churchill, but after the bloody rage, they seem to go back to their rather quiet and self-effacing default condition. Whereas I could be wrong, wrong, and wrong, I nevertheless remain hopeful that, as Kristor says, tit must lead to tat.

  6. Let us alone!

    “Hateful is the dark-blue sky,
    Vaulted o’er the dark-blue sea.
    Death is the end of life; ah, why
    Should life all labour be?
    Let us alone. Time driveth onward fast,
    And in a little while our lips are dumb.
    Let us alone. What is it that will last?
    All things are taken from us, and become
    Portions and parcels of the dreadful past.
    Let us alone. What pleasure can we have
    To war with evil? Is there any peace
    In ever climbing up the climbing wave?
    All things have rest, and ripen toward the grave
    In silence; ripen, fall and cease:
    Give us long rest or death, dark death, or dreamful ease.

    . . . .

    We have had enough of action, and of motion we,
    Roll’d to starboard, roll’d to larboard, when the surge was seething free

    . . . .
    Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore
    Than labour in the deep mid-ocean, wind and wave and oar;
    O, rest ye, brother mariners, we will not wander more.”

    Alfred Lord Tennyson, “The Lotos Eaters” (1832)

    • Many people are asleep, like lotos-eaters: But many are awake and others are awakening.

      To return to your previous comment – consider the juxtaposition of Weston and Robinson. (I robbed both videos, incidentally, from The Gates of Vienna, where they appear in the same order or relation.) It is true that Weston’s delivery seems less passionate and angry than his words demand, but then Weston is one type of Englishman. Robinson is another type of Englishman. He gives every appearance of having been, in his youth, a soccer-hooligan. And there is something a bit scary about him despite the immense sympathy I feel for him and the deep agreement that I have with his judgments. Weston went politely to jail for a few hours a year or so ago, for reading out loud in public a passage from Churchill. Robinson has been to jail several times, to serve non-trivial terms. He is constantly surveilled and hounded by the British police. When imprisoned, he runs risk of severe bodily harm or death at the hands of Muslim convicts whose religion being Islam, Robinson, being a kafir, has always-already offended. From the point of view, however corrupt, of the British establishment, including the PC British police, Robinson is a threat. He is so because he acts on his beliefs, puts himself publicly at risk, and toughs out the consequences. What is my point at last? At the end of Nineteen Eighty-Four, just before his arrest, Winston Smith says (I paraphrase) that hope, if any, lies with the proles. Hope for the British, or more narrowly for the English, might well lie with the soccer-hooligans. Who were Cromwell’s mobs, and finally his army, except the soccer-hooligans of the day?

      Again, “Britain” is one thing, England another, or Wales or Scotland. “Britain” was about empire, but the empire is gone. England, Wales, and Scotland were there before the “Britain” of the empire. I would not expect tit to come from “Britain,” but I hold out hope that tit might come from England. Tat seems always to come from one place.

      Or has “Britain” really lost its empire? Maybe it is simply exercising its old Imperium over itself and its English, Welsh, Scots, and Ulsterite peoples. Should the empire vanish, maybe a real king would have the occasion to appear.

  7. “They” desire liberation without separation.

    “Let us alone,” although a reasonable request, is an insane expectation.

  8. As JM Smith suggested above – this is a subject of great concern to me; as evidenced by the group blog Albion Awakening where John Fitzgerald, William Wildblood and myself explore the absolute and unavoidable requirement for a Christian revival *before* anything effective or constructive will be done about the problems of England or Britain.


    Things in England are spiritually dire and worsening; and such a spiritual and Christian awakening or revival as we wish for does not seem very probable at present.

    I don’t personally see any convincing perceptible evidence of such a thing – yet because it is necessary and nothing else will suffice; there is no alternative but for those of us who care to do our best to make it more likely.

    BTW an interesting patriotic and Christian Engliahman some of you may already know is Joseph Pearce – who is now a US citizen… He has perhaps the most fascinating biography of any modern scholar; and quite a few of his numerous books are well worth reading, as are his essays.


    • And at root is a class of high IQ Englishmen FAILING TO RECOGNIZE that the mass of Englishmen do not equate Christ to Perfection, Perfection to objective Supremacy and objective Supremacy to Englishman’s Final destination. Yet, it is even worse when considering that another class of high IQ Englishmen JUST PLAIN REJECT objective Supremacy, i.e., Perfection, outright. So much so, that in an apparent state of “radical autonomy,” they are unable to even acknowledge the mere concept of “Perfection.”

      So before there can be any kind of Christian revival, the collusion and deception that is the cabal of high IQ Englishmen (across the phony political spectrum) as it relates to the Truth of objective Supremacy versus the fallacy of “universal equality” MUST BE publicly settled.

      And it has.

      So there can be no Christian revival under the fallacy of “universal equality.”

      High IQ Christian Englishmen HAVE FAILED TO MAKE THE CASE for white Supremacy.

      Case closed.

      Until a fundamental conversion inspires.

    • I should note that I will not be amongst the class of partially English American mass to add credence to the fallacy of “universal equality” by denying the possibility of genuine English (white) Supremacy.

      A Christian revival indeed…

      But first… Away from deracination.

  9. “Comments invited.”

    Germany was a real threat. Nazi Germany had planes, tanks, bombs, and the most formidable soldiery in history, all powered by the most civilized race of man to ever walk the Earth. If Hitler had set foot upon English soil, the English elite would have been made subservient to him, or wiped out.

    Moslem Arabs, on the other hand, are a joke. Their military power, their maximum violent potential, is set by the weapons they buy from “Western” powers: tanks, planes, artillery, etc., or the Humvees they are airlifted by the CIA, or the old AK-47s and shitty old trucks they’re given by the ghost of the second millennium, the leavings of Soviet industry.

    If the Moslem Arabs ever become unuseful, they will simply no longer receive their monthly welfare checks, free housing, free schooling, free health care, free cell phone plans, and miscellaneous free aid, and be unceremoniously dumped aboard the soonest available slow ship dedicated to repatriating their sorry brown butts back to their native land and the dunes therein.

    But, likely they won’t be, or they wouldn’t have been imported in the first place; Islam is to be the Religion of the Future™ because Moslems are a stupid, primitive, inbred, and easily controllable people.


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