“You’re Fired!”: Trump Fires Obama (And Bill Ayres, and Possibly George Soros)

“You’re Fired!”: It is now clear that James Comey was the chief Obama-hangover and Soros-seditionist in the Post-Obama federal government — a mole doing Obama’s bidding (that is to say, Bill Ayre’s bidding and George Soros’ bidding) in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat in November.  Trump’s move was not only morally and governance-wise justified; it was symbolically brilliant: Comey received notification of his firing via a hand-delivered message during his speech before an FBI “diversity and recruiting” seminar in California, as I understand it.  The best way to drain the swamp is to let the swamp know that it is being drained while it is making a narcissistic swamp-speech in another swamp.

And while Trump was firing Comey, he was conversing in a friendly way with the Russian ambassador! 

I am currently reconciled to President Trump.  A friend of mine, who voted for Hillary, has come over the the Dark Side and is now in favor of President Trump.

8 thoughts on ““You’re Fired!”: Trump Fires Obama (And Bill Ayres, and Possibly George Soros)

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    • He saw that Comey was making a power-play, arrogating to himself offices that were not his and privileges unearned that conflicted with the actual promulgation of law and order. In Dick’s words, “He was trying to make himself into J. Edgar Hoover.” Dick also sees the Democrat-driven rift with Russia as a terrible mistake and finds the Left’s Russophobia to be preposterous.

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  4. Unfortunately Trump is our President and has been since he was sworn in. I have never said he was illegitimate. As far as there ever being a chance of myself supporting Trump as President, I will never turn to the dark side of the force. In 2020, Bernie will bring balance to the force!!!!!!!


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