Now Fire the Whiners

According to Politico 

The news of FBI director James Comey’s firing struck like a thunderclap at field offices around the country, where agents heard first from TV or the internet that their boss had been dismissed by President Donald J. Trump.

“I’m literally in tears right now. That’s all I have to say,” said a longtime special agent who’s known and worked with Comey for years, who first heard the news on the car radio.

I say: Please, Mr. President, fire that tear-eyed “special agent.”  Fire all tear-eyed agents of whatever sort.  The polity needs weepy G-men about as much as the Marine Corps needs interpretive jazz dancers.

17 thoughts on “Now Fire the Whiners

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      • “If you can’t show
        An ability to cry,
        You don’t belong,
        In the F B I.

        Your friends and neighbors,
        Yeah, they may die.
        But at least nobody
        Will mistake you for a guy.”

      • I’d like to see the “Weepy G’s” get together with “The Dancing Ito’s” from Jay Leno’s Tonight Show during the days of the fabulous O.-J. Trial. They could do an old-fashioned Mitch-Miller number —

        Won’t you come home, Jim Comey, won’t you come home?
        I moan the whole night long!
        I’ll sort the emails, honey, I’ll talk to Russians —
        I know I done you wrong!

    • We see it everywhere because it *actually is* everywhere. That’s why most people don’t notice it anymore. We still notice, that’s all.

      Moloch would like *everyone* to stop noticing.

  2. It is everywhere and it is increasingly lunatic. Today, Breitbart reports this: “An assistant professor at California State Polytechnic University argues in a recent academic research paper that eastern fox squirrels are subjected to a ‘gendered, racialized, and speciesist’ form of media bias.'”


    According to the article, the (shall we say figurative) assistant professor claims that, “Eastern fox squirrels… are facing discrimination as a result of the human tendency to lump the species in with the western gray squirrel, a species which is much less tolerant of human beings.” Presumably the reporter is using the phrase “academic research paper” literally, that is, figuratively, as a way of calling said paper risible.

    Shsssshhhhh! Don’t genderize the “much less tolerant” squirrels.

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  4. You laugh about interpretive jazz dancers in the Corps, but:

    “On January 1, 2016, Mabus ordered the United States Marine Corps to devise a plan on co-integration of male and female recruits in basic training, giving top brass a two-week planning period, along with requesting a subject matter expert, to report the best method of said plan.”


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