12 thoughts on “Violence & Deceit versus the Strong & Fleet

    • Well, there’s really not much more to it than that. If you are weak, you have little room to maneuver, few cards in your hand, little with which to bargain, little to give away. You are vulnerable to the slightest threat. If you are also slow – as is generally the case for the weak – you have little chance of successful flight. So you have to fight, or else lie about how strong you are, or both.

      Being anxious about their vulnerability, the weak are usually in fight or flight mode. They are nervous; they are – how to put it – easily triggered. But they are not good at flight, and know it. So they are inordinately loud and aggressive. Think of that yappy little dog.

      If you are strong, you are also generally pretty fast. So you have a good shot at surviving by running away if need be. That means that you are not forced to stand your ground and fight. But if you are strong, then you are also not so vulnerable to minor threats as those who are weak. You needn’t be troubled by them. All you need to do is be honest and straightforward about your strengths, and most others are going to think better of threatening you in any way. You get fewer threats, and you don’t feel so threatened by them. So you are typically more relaxed, quiet, happy, and friendly. Think of that well-raised, cheerful German Shepherd.

      So, be strong. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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  3. Slow and weak uses violence definitely

    But since violence also paints a target on one’s own back he relies on deceit and using such deceit have the strong and fleet fight each other preferably and will do all he can to facilitate that as well as their mutual destruction. While keeping his hands clean.

    And when he himself is violent is ruthless and dishonorable in its use with ample deceit to ensure success.

  4. While some may disagree with group identities it seems this is an impulse of any individual. We seek to be part of some group with its own culture and values. While the character of this group nature maybe differ from ethnicity to something as simple as a church choir. What seems to befuddle humanity is when a group indentity becomes​ an obstacle that trips us up. Many times people think of group indentity as a strength while the individual may feel weak before the certain identity is found.

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