Is Western Civilization Misogynistic?

My latest article Is Western Civilization Misogynistic? at the Sydney Traditionalist Forum answers this question in the negative. In it the case is made that feminism is misogynistic and that feminist self-hatred drives their resentment and hatred of men. Feminism embraces the mistaken notion that there is something wrong with femininity in women – a view few men adopt. When Hélène Cixous lists binary opposites, she imagines that there is something wrong with the item associated with the feminine. In this, she is deeply wrong. What the list reveals is the way in which each needs the other, in the way men and women do for the species to continue.

Feminists find themselves in rivalry with men and suffering from a sense of inferiority. The current strategy is thus to highlight every cultural, artistic, moral and scientific achievement they can find by women. If men point out the positive contribution of many men in all those areas, as breath-taking as they are numerous, it would just make feminists hate men even more. Thus any attempt to provide counter-examples to the notion that men are a worthless bunch will just increase their ire.

This is an example of the self-sealing fallacy where what sounds like an empirical claim is made, namely that men and patriarchal culture are evil and worthless. If counter-examples are provided of positive male achievement, Plato, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Cervantes, Gandhi, Einstein, Tesla, Louis Pasteur, Jesus, these accomplishments are imagined to represent opportunities denied to women, so these are evil too. Anytime a factual assertion becomes immune to counter-example, even in principle, it means that the factual assertion has been replaced by tautology. For feminists, men and patriarchy are evil by definition.

If femininity is detestable and men evil oppressors, then feminine women are sell-outs, feminine men pathetic, masculine men the devil incarnate, and only masculine women get a pass. But their very masculinity, associated as it is with the vice of being male, cannot be straight-forwardly celebrated either. Thus, feminism is a sacrificial cult scapegoating men and driven by ravenous self-hatred. In a world of victims and oppressors, where could peace of mind possibly be found?

11 thoughts on “Is Western Civilization Misogynistic?

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  2. You say feminism is misogynistic.

    If some versions of feminism hate femininity (and not all do), that is not misogyny, it’s hatred of a particular imposed role.

    You claim that “thanks to feminism, masculinity has largely withdrawn from the cultural scene.”

    Masculinity would have to be pretty weak if feminism could compromise its expression in this way.

    • I reject the notion that femininity is an imposed role. Imposed by whom? By men? That’s pretty impressive. It’s a fact of life and a cross-cultural constant. Any rejection of its existence or its manifestations is a second reality delusion. Does the feminine loving version of feminism have a name? It would be new to me.
      If you would like to know why and how masculinity withdrew from the cultural scene I invite you to read “The Feminizing of Culture and Male Self-Hatred.”

      • You say “I reject the notion that femininity is an imposed role. Imposed by whom?”

        If someone wants to act in way x and society says no, you have to act in way y, then society is by definition imposing a role. I’m not female so can’t speak to their experience, but certainly male roles are imposed, violently, on male children. I’m actually somewhat surprised to hear the contradictory being argued here — I thought the conservative/reactionary position was that this happened and it was an important and necessary thing.

        “Does the feminine loving version of feminism have a name? It would be new to me.”
        Good question: Try here,, or here or (there was no hyperlink for this third option.)

      • Thanks for the links, it was interesting to read about them. Maternal feminism seems to be defunct. Lipstick feminism regards female promiscuity as “empowering.” Warren Farrell has some interesting arguments debunking that idea.

        I think femininity per se is not a role, but a fact about the world. Its expression has a cultural component, but is not itself a cultural invention, otherwise there would be no cross-cultural similarities concerning the feminine. Seeing femininity as a cultural invention would be a rejection of dimorphism and thus an embrace of a counter-factual second reality in which women and men are exactly the same.

        Masculinity likewise is natural and real. Its expression will be shaped culturally and that part might fit your notion of it being “imposed.” It would seem to depend on how naturally masculine a little boy is in the first place. A more feminine and withdrawn boy might find the difference between social expectations and his natural inclinations to be a strain.

    • “It is a great cliché of the feminist movement — by definition composed of women who are unhappy in the feminine role — that men who oppose it are misogynists or woman-haters. The truth, of course, is that it is men who love women who are distressed to see them making such fools of themselves” – Auberon Waugh

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  4. There is not one scintilla of femininity in the “feminist” movement. Not at its origin or in its current reality. In fact, the “feminist” movement is explicitly and irrevocably the anti-feminine movement.

    To call dyke movement “feminism” is to cuck with deadly consequence.

    • You are right that “feminism is the anti-feminine movement,” but we could also say “feminism is the anti-masculine movement” when that masculinity is embodied by men. Nihilism by any other name…


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