Repudiate the False, I Say!

Reading Isegoria this morning, this paragraph jumped out at me.

Offering kids the opportunity to pursue what they’d like, freed from societal expectations, is an undeniably positive thing — whether it has to do with toys, clothing, or their future aspirations. But the scientific reality is that it’s futile to treat children as blank slates with no predetermined characteristics.

How, I wondered, can a “futile” undertaking be “an undeniably positive thing?”  I say this as a man whom life has made a connoisseur of personal futility, but who nevertheless retains a strong preference for success.  The underlying idea that an activity can be important but futile set me to thinking about the racket known as modernist Christianity, which to my troglodytic mind appears to say that Christianity is “futile” and yet still “an undeniably positive thing.”  I know they will not say it quite so clearly as this, but even a troglodyte can see that, to a modernist, setting one’s hopes on Heaven is futile if Heaven is taken in anything like the traditional sense of the word.  When I listen to a priest or preacher who has been tainted by modernism, I am overcome by a sort of leaden malaise.  To my troglodytic mind they seem to say that my being there in that pew is futile, and yet somehow still an undeniably positive thing.

As I said, life has made me (as I expect it has made many of you) a connoisseur of futility, but I relish only those absurd futilities that life forces upon me, and even these I refuse to regard as “positive things.”

The parallel between this quote from Isegoria and modernist Christianity is actually quite close because both are (so far as a troglodyte is concerned) arguments to retain and repurpose a false ideology.  Personally I of course agree that the doctrine of gender equality is false, and disagree that Christianity is false, but I’m looking at this through the eyes of the man making the futile-but-still-undeniably-positive argument.  Far from retaining and repurposing false ideologies, I believe they should be repudiated.

“Repudiate the false,” I say!

But this is the opinion of a troglodyte.

3 thoughts on “Repudiate the False, I Say!

  1. Well in the meantime we’ll set about to establish ‘heaven on earth,’ which apparently softens the blow of the futility of it all.

    Nice catch, by the way.

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  3. On futility: If we knew the exact timing and details of the ordeal that was about to befall us, its character as genuine ordeal would be diminished in proportion to our knowledge. I regard the last forty years of leftwing ascendancy as an ordeal and up until recently I thought that it would continue indefinitely, even though I contributed my small part of a larger resistance against it. Lo and behold! — last November 8, a grand repudiation occurred and what had seemed futile proved not to be so. I believe that we have not yet fully appreciated the depth and vehemence of that repudiation. It is evident that many people on our side overestimated the futility of their resistance.


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