Hate and Hateful Hatreds

I have been preoccupied with soi-disant enemies of Hate, those men and women who are on fire to abolish what cooler heads must recognize as a highly ambiguous sentiment. Hate is an ambiguous sentiment because it is always joined to love, like follow and lead in a partner dance. Thus a world without hate would be a loveless world, an apotheosis of apathy, a United States of Whatever.

Hate is the emotion one naturally feels towards that which threatens to harm, is harming, or has harmed something one loves. When the harm is prospective, hate steels the heart to prevent it. When the harm is in progress, hate strengthens the arm to stop it. When the harm is accomplished, hate feeds the resolve to revenge it.

This is why a man can say that he “hates hate” without contradiction. But what he means is that he hates what he believes to be a disordered hate. Disordered hate is hatred directed at an object that does not deserve to be hated, or at least hated to the degree it is hated. Disordered hatred is a species of injustice.

Disordered hate is the always partnered in a dance with disordered love, which is love directed at an object that does not deserve to be loved, or at least loved to the degree that it is loved. This too is a species of injustice.

Thus beneath all the sound and furry about Hate lie questions about the proper order, and principal disorders, of the human heart. It appears to me that there are four varieties of disordered hate: wrathful hate, hysterical hate, fanatical hate, and satanic hate.

Wrathful hate is hate that has broken its tether to love. It is no longer directed to the prevention, cessation, or vengeance of harm, but has swollen to mere madness. Wrathful hate is what used to be known as a passion, back when we understood that passion was not a good thing. Rage is another name for wrathful hate, and is almost always transitory.

Hysterical hate is hate aroused by misplaced fears. It is directed at chimerical threats and imaginary dangers. It is sometimes called a “moral panic” because it forecasts harms that will not come. “Homophobia” and “Islamophobia” are, for instance, charges of hysterical hate because (it is claimed) homosexuals and Muslims pose no danger to anything. Those who think that they do are in the grip of hysteria.

Fanatical hate is hate aroused by misplaced love. In this case the threats and dangers may be real enough, but the thing that is threatened or endangered does not deserve protection from harm, or at least protection of the ferocity the fanatic is ready to offer. As the name implies, the prototype for this is hatred of men who desecrate the temple (fanum) of a false god, although today such hatred is more often seen among ideologues of one stripe or another. Touch the idol of a fanatic with unclean hands, and watch the molten hate erupt.

There is, to be sure, a grey zone between hysterical hate and fanatical hate, but most cases are easy to classify as one or the other.

Satanic hate is simple hatred of the good, the prototype being, of course, Satan’s hatred of God. Satanic hatred is hatred for everything that is loved by a heart that is properly ordered, which is to say everything that is good, beautiful and true. I suspect that envy lies at the heart of satanic hatred, for a man in the grip of satanic hatred feels humiliated rather than exalted in the presence of anything greater than himself. The well-ordered heart honors and reveres things that are greater than itself; the heart disordered by satanic hatred burns to tear such things down.

A well-ordered heart is not a heart without hate, for to be well ordered it must burn with hatred for hateful hatreds. To do so is a simple matter of justice.

The question, of course, is which hatreds are truly hateful, and which are perfectly just. No thoughtful man is an enemy of Hate, but only of what he believes to be disordered or unjust hates directed against things that are not truly hateful.

But most of the soi-disant enemies of Hate are not, so far as I can see, remarkable for thought.

26 thoughts on “Hate and Hateful Hatreds

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  2. “Sound and furry” is an awesome typo. It conjures an image of a raging symphony of hamsters playing “Ride of the Valkyries” in a sea of “my body my choice” signs. Or something.

    Good post. It is remarkable how many people actually believe in something similar to Star Wars / Yoda morality.

    • As with hatred of hate, intolerance of intolerance suppresses the word disordered. I don’t think anyone believes there should be a general toleration of murder, for instance. When someone says they are intolerant of intolerance, they mean intolerant of (disordered) intolerance, which is to say intolerance of that which, in their view, a well-ordered heart tolerates.

      Words like Tolerance and Hate are simply slogans until they are given specific content.

      • I always liked “it’s wrong to be judgmental.” Of course the person complaining is being judgmental, but (s)he often doesn’t realize this until someone points it out to her.

      • Yes, one cannot object to judgement as such, only erroneous judgment, judgment intruding into matters that are properly indifferent, and expressions of judgments that should be kept to one’s self. And all of these objections are, of course, judgments.

      • It depends upon whether the judgment is coming from a place of love or whether it is coming from a place of ego. In other words some people judge others out a sincere desire to correct a wrong. This is loving. However, some people judge other people because it makes them feel better about themselves and perhaps they enjoy making other people feel ashamed.

      • Winstonscrooge: Captious criticism is garden-variety satanic hate. It aims to belittle and demean, not improve.

      • @JM Smith: I used to think the liberal injunction to “tolerate” did not include tolerating evil things, but no longer. When my students expressed their tolerance of slavery and the Holocaust I thought my students had misunderstood their teachers. But we see with the notion of Islamophobia, for instance, that evil things are indeed intended to be tolerated. The last time I criticized, for didactic purposes, female genital mutilation, I was met with shocked silence. For the liberal cultural relativist, we should tolerate evil things, so long as it is happening to someone else.

      • This is what I meant by the apotheosis of apathy or the United States of Whatever. Isn’t this the attitude of what Nietzsche called by the “last men,” who have their “little pleasures” (Zarathustra) and are afflicted with “the overestimation of goodness and kindness” (Ecco Homo)? In the end these last men are good and kind to those who will take away their “little pleasures.”

      • JMS,

        “Disordered hate is hatred directed at an object that does not deserve to be hated…”

        I think folks of all political/moral stripes would assent to this- including my rabid leftist relatives.

        But , what deserves to be hated ultimately comes down to one’s metaphysical commitments- and that is probably the most disputed philosophical category in human history.

      • Mr. Cocks, what I find even more interesting than that is liberal intolerance of female genital mutilation within Islam on the basis that it deprives women of their unalienable right to have sexual pleasure. Full stop. In other words, there is no qualification given because they don’t believe there is one – women have the unalienable right to sexual gratification whether it’s licit or not. The mutilation itself may make them uncomfortable, but their intolerance of it is based purely on the notion that women are entitled to sexual pleasure. And the more immoral the better, apparently. Don’t know whether you’ve ever run into that or not, but I have on numerous occasions. So once again, given the choice between good and evil, liberalism will find its way to legitimizing evil every single time.

      • It should be added that the suppression of the concept of “disordered” is intentional on the part of the anti-hate brigade. They don’t believe morality is ordered, and thus see attempts to organize society around concrete realities (as opposed to abstractions and whims) as producing needless conflict. And without a grounding upon which to base concepts like hatred/love, tolerance/intolerance, and ultimately good/evil; they find themselves left with only slogans and inconsistencies.

        So there is still deep contradiction at the heart of their moral worldview. It’s not just that they have become the hate they say they oppose; it’s that they inevitably have to apply order somewhere to their moral structure as morality is essentially ordered.

  3. I try not to watch a lot of mainstream television but I caught one of Hillary Clintons campaign commercials before the election. She was against “Hate” and a picture of a Chinese young adult… It also had a picture of the planet earth a how she was for the planet. So, it seems many can be said to be against the planet and for “hate”. I don’t vote anymore so I had no real dog in the fight but this is what the establishment can get away with and as multiculturalism continues we can expect to be called haters regardless of our real positions.

    Heck – We were called haters by the Supreme Court for being for intact married families and against abortion. If it worked for those issues it will work for the ethnic break-up of America and Europe.

    • The temptation to throw up one’s hands in despair is very great, but despair is said to be a sin, and in any case will not win us any peace. The “earth” has become the motherhood and apple pie of an age when few women wish to be mothers, and even fewer can bake an apple pie. But everyone can “save the planet!” We really must fight the Hate meme, since it is the first dehumanizing step on a road that ends in a pile of bones.

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