That Hideous Strength

Who has read and remembers That Hideous Strength – of the gigantic oeuvre of CS Lewis, the capstone, masterpiece, and summation – and who has lately followed the news in the alternative media must have noticed a horrible semblance of these last weeks to the gathering storm that novel so masterfully presents, of good and evil human, natural, and supernatural rising to a tremendous pitch of intensity and power as they drive each inexorably to a titanic, shattering battle. I do not mean here to specify all the parallels, but they are almost all there: corrupt government agencies with noble sounding names and ends that work in fact deep evil; a cruel fat sadistic lesbian harridan, plaything and willing instrument of obscure Satanic masters; inner circles within inner circles, each more vicious and twisted than the last; sexual sin run amok; young victims; hubris on a vast scale, pretensions to a Babelonian New World Order and a New Man; nominalist obfuscation, nihilism and relativism; sophistical professors and rotten priests; contempt for all that is good, true and holy, old and homely, right, simple, and sweet, or even simply and honestly rational (all in the name of rationality) – the whole nine yards. And arrayed against these Powers, a pitiful few doughty hapless writers and scholars, talking mostly to each other in a remote corner of the world of what is good and right, true and holy, strait and wise, solid and reliable.

Nor Merlin nor any of his mighty company have (so far as we know) yet reappeared, as he did in the book, to muster and bolster the vassals of the Good. But then, we would not hear of such a thing, had it happened; for such as Merlin secrete ever their consecrate motions. I doubt it has not happened; I doubt not indeed that there are at any time a small company at least of such beings (they are perhaps not quite mere men), wandering the Earth and protecting us from God knows what horrors, wrecking the stratagems of our mortal foes. They our hidden Guardians wander; our Enemies prowl. They seek the rescue and ransom of souls, that our Enemies seek to ruin. One of our Wanderers, at least, must be afoot in what now transpires in the West, stirring us up to meet what lies ahead, to valor and to victory, and aye to death and defeat – to martyry, and thus by a Magic Deeper than Time to the ultimate Consummation.

Apart from Merlin, all the parallels are there, right in the horrified headlines of the alternative media, and indeed even of the common Narrative. The Evil begins to speak its name and purpose now openly, forthrightly: we can at last see why it was so important to them, to normalize first homosexuality, then homosexual marriage, then quickly transsexuality, then open lavatories, and now, latterly, gingerly, just begun: paederasty. It’s their thing, their métier: the spiritual destruction of our young. We see it in the Savile scandal in Britain, and in Rotherham; in the whole of the Muslim world; in Hollywood; and now, it would seem, at the upper reaches of the American political and media elite. We see it also in letters (the Marion Zimmer Bradley scandal), alas in the Church, in the schools, and of course especially in the Academy, where poisonous professors like Peter Singer work out the moral justification of such things as infanticide, and all the flower of our youth is subject to a pervasive, thoroughgoing perversion – philosophical, so moral and thus spiritual, and of course sexual.

The Ruiners are our predator species; and predators hunt always, first, the weak, the old, the sick, and most of all the pure, healthy, succulent young from among their prey. So then likewise do their human slaves.

They have infiltrated the institutional heights of the West to a terrific degree, blackmailing, depraving, enriching and protecting each other.

It is our children they seek, to devour.

They want us to end our persecution of their project; nay, they want our approval. More, even: they want us to offer up our firstborn to them, as once our Phoenician forebears did to Moloch of Tyre, as if that were a fitting sacrifice, a reasonable service.

Read the book, by the Lord Jesus, if you have not, and that soon. It is short, almost a novella really; and you shall never forget it, for it shall forever shape your perspective on current events.

One of our Wanderers, I say, must now be actively at work. How, else, to explain the recent relentless incredulous worry of the alternative media – writers and scholars, autodidacts, enthusiasts, eccentrics, conspiracy theorists, hackers, and all their ilks – over the sickening depredations they suddenly apprehend, of the Predators of Man, against the Common Good? Some One must be stirring us up. Perhaps even it is our mascot and Patron, here at the Orthosphere – may God bless his handiwork.

Saint Michael and all angels, pray for us.

On then into the crisis. There is after all no alternative, for any of us. God be with us, all.

Deus vult!

Pray hard, and earnestly, my friends:

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio; contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae Caelestis, satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in this day of battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

17 thoughts on “That Hideous Strength

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  3. The “Beethoven’s Ninth” theme from the final movement of Brahms’ First Symphony has always, for me, been a kind of cosmic “Morning in America” theme– the music I fantasized about using in a commercial for my own (lolz) Presidential run–the sound of an awesome and unstoppable force of Good, of Liberty, on the march:

    Godspeed Donald Trump, and the redemption of the American Republic and the world from the chains of Moloch!

  4. That’s an inspiring post, Kristor. Thank you. The parallels are indeed unmistakeable but we do know, because we have been assured, that however powerful evil seems, however it perverts truth to make black seem white and white black, that it cannot prevail. I believe that Merlin and St Michael and their like are there behind the scenes, strengthening the fight against evil and that will become clear when the time is right. Presumably they are waiting for as many people to repent of their own free will as possible before they do reveal themselves.

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  6. “For the Hideous Strength confronts us and it is as in the days when Nimrod built a tower to reach heaven” (p. 285 in my edition).

    “The Hideous strength holds all this earth in its fist to squeeze it as it wishes” (p. 292).

    “The people who read the highbrow weeklies, don’t need reconditioning. They’re alright already. They’ll believe anything” (p. 98).

  7. “A cruel, fat, sadistic lesbian harridan.” That Hideous Strength is one of my favorite books and I never made this connection!!! It is so obvious now.

    One scene that I always felt is a little window on how far we’ve fallen since Lewis’ day is when N.I.C.E. takes over Edgestow and begins to excavate Bragdon Wood:

    During the next few days the fog, which covered Edgestow as well as Belbury, continued, and the grip of the N.I.C.E. on Edgestow was tightening. The disturbance in which the Bracton windows had been broken was taken little notice of in the London papers or even in the Edgestow Telegraph. But it was followed by other episodes. There was an indecent assault in one of the mean streets down by the station. There were two “beatings up” in a public-house. There were increasing complaints of threatening and disorderly behaviour on the part of the N.I.C.E. workmen. Wherever one went one was jostled by crowds of strangers. To a little market town like Edgestow even visitors from the next county ranked as aliens: the day-long clamour of Northern, Welsh, and even Irish voices, the shouts, the cat-calls, the songs, the wild faces passing in the fog, were utterly detestable. “There’s going to be trouble here ” was the comment of many a citizen: and in a few days, “You’d think they wanted trouble.” It is not recorded who first said, “We need more police.” And then at last the Edgestow Telegraph took notice. A shy little article appeared suggesting that the local police were incapable of dealing with the new population.

    Read this in light of Rotherham and try not to laugh cynically.

    “Oh Heaven forbid!!! IRISH workmen in our quaint English country town? There were TWO fights at a local pub? And a young lady may have been touched inappropriately against her will? I fear I shall faint!”

    Now there are people in such towns who get on their knees out of gratitude if they happen to hear their new neighbors speaking in a “clamour of Northern, Welsh, or even Irish voices.”

    Oh and I always felt that Til We Have Faces was Lewis’ masterpiece but I won’t dispute with you, especially since The Space Trilogy is so much more pressing these days.

  8. Interested readers can find my old commentary on That Hideous Strength here:

    Printed, it runs to about 60 pages including its appendices. It could use some revision but I think there is a lot of good material in it. It was originally prepared as a paper for a Christian retreat in rural Wisconsin. If anyone reads it and would like to discuss it, could The Orthosphere host that discussion?

    That Hideous Strength is indeed an inspiring work, and my paper provides some leads for further reading related lines.

    Also worth reading in these times are a number of Michael O’Brien’s novels, such as Plague Journal, Eclipse of the Sun, Father Elijah, etc. I very warmly recommend my friend Lars Walker’s novels. If you like That Hideous Strength, by all means start with Wolf Time.

    Dale Nelson

    • Dale, I think it would be really great to host a discussion of your paper here. I’ll set that up later today, if I have time.

      A second of your recommendation of Father Elijah and Lars Walker. Both are like Lewis in taking the supernatural seriously, and showing how it is at work in what we think of as normal, everyday life.

      • Thank you, Kristor. By the way, the “bright lights” in my title “Bright Lights Under the Shadow of the Hideous Strength” alludes to something said by Brother Herman, colleague of Seraphim Rose and co-founder of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood. Br. Herman was quoted in an interview that relates to the dark time in which we live. The paper relates to some of the ways that Lewis’s rich and entertaining novel can help us to think and to nurture right sentiment, for ourselves and our families, in a time such as this. I hoped the paper would start good discussions at the retreat, about a dozen years ago, to which I referred. (I wasn’t there to deliver it. As I recall, the moderator was Angus Menuge, who is a professor of philosophy at an orthodox Christian college, Concordia University Wisconsin [LCMS].) Perhaps it will do so here.

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