Dirty Homonationalists

Beginning tomorrow, the Philosophy Department at this university will be sponsoring the Twenty-third annual “Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference,” at which the keynote speaker will be Dr. Lisa Corrigan, an associate professor of Communication at the University of Arkansas.  Up there in the heart of the Ozarks, Dr. Corrigan also serves as Director of Gender Studies and is affiliated with both African and African-American, and Latin American, Studies. 

A keynote panel has been assembled to comment on Dr. Corrigan’s address.  Its members are Rozena Maart, Philile Langa, and Zaria Govender.  Dr. Maart is a native of South Africa, appears to be of more distant South-Asian extraction, and now lives and lectures in Canada.  An award-winning poet with a British Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, she concerns herself with matters connected to race and gender.  Langa and Govender were both graduate students working under Dr. Maart when she was on the faculty at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.  Both appear to share their advisor’s interests.

One suspects that the organizers of the “Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference” are beginning to have disquieting premonitions of empty seats, and that this explains the advertisement that appeared in my mailbox this morning.  But this is not what aroused my interest.

What did arouse my interest was the mention, in the abstract of Dr. Corrigan’s talk, of “Jasbir Puar’s notion of homonationalism.” It turns out that Jasbir Puar is a “U.S.-based queer theorist” in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University.  Like Dr. Maart, she appears to be of South-Asian extraction, and is in any case only “based” on the banks of the beautiful Raritan River.

Puar’s notion of “homonationalism” is, like so much else in the postmodern academy, a coy play on words.  By it she means that Western peoples have lined up behind their homo(sexuals) in order to exclude Muslims, who they claim are homo(phobic), and that this is nothing but a racist plot to remain homo(genous).  Thus a “homonationalist” is a person who overtly advocates tolerance of homosexuals, but only because they covertly advocate intolerance of Muslims.

“Homonationalism” is, of course, a virulent hybrid of “homophobia” and “islamophobia,” and against this virus there would seem to be no possible vaccine.  If you find yourself in the crosshairs of the “homophobia” death-ray and jump aside, it will only be to find yourself in the crosshairs of the “islamophobia” death-ray.  And jumping back won’t solve a thing.  Of course by “you,” I don’t mean you, if you are only “based” in the U.S. (or Canada).  But if you are one of the lowlifes who presume to live here (and plan to die here, although prefer this not be right away), I’d suggest you get used to jumping.  We live in a “homonationalist” world, and only the nimble survive.

There’s still time to catch a flight down to College Station and partake of this feast of reason.

12 thoughts on “Dirty Homonationalists

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  2. To love any particular is ipso facto to discriminate at least a bit against all others. Our enemies are outraged at the notion that we might love our own countrymen more than we do foreigners – that we might in the limit love anyone more than anyone else – which is to say, that we might love anyone at all – including Sophia. The Enemy whom they witless serve is the Enemy of Love, whom we worship and adore.

    • I suppose there may be something somewhat interesting in the notion of “homonationalism,” although it is precisely the opposite of what Dr. Puar supposes. We properly love (philia) persons to whom we are similar, but improperly love (eros) persons with whom we are the same. There is, as it were, a “sweet spot” between identity and otherness. In Dr. Puar’s philosophy, this is of course the “sour spot.”

  3. Western homodyke and the sexually degenerate jihadist are in a “symbiotic regression” and this deceptive agit-prop is just one more piece of the evidence…

    Because in the world of sexual degeneracy, one “allies” with those who sexually degrade you and then mutually manufacture a violent hysteria to cover up a unanimously desired collective pathology… Said collective pathology being a perpetual self-annihilation.

    • I’m letting this comment through moderation because it is, in fact, a comment on the post. I’ve suppressed your other comments because they seem to me to go off on a well-worn tangent.

  4. Dear JM: The event sounds like something that would happen at Upstate Consolation University. (And who knows but it has?) I strongly believe that all of the speakers and panelists that you mention as participants in the upcoming event would be more than qualified to teach on faculty at Upstate Consolation University, perhaps in the Studies Studies Program, where, and this will interest Kristor, incoming students can receive credit for witless service above and beyond the call of duty in any social justice endeavor even before they take any classes.

    • The massive expansion of higher education created a demand for simulated scholarship, and the various “studies” have been happy to supply it. This is the evil fruit of “publish or perish” in the nether regions of academe. How much better it would be if the injunction were “perish if publish”!

  5. “The Nether Regions of Academe”! It’s a trope from Dante! I’m sure that Academe would need the anatomically accurate doll in order to explain to the Special Victims detective what happened to it. “Sweet Spot” and “Sour Spot” I wouldn’t touch with an anatomically correct ten-foot pole — publish me or perish me.

  6. I had a look at some of Puars’ stuff. It’s just not very good. It reads like it was written by a student who’s bright but hasn’t quite mastered the material yet, who knows where in a sentence the technical jargon is supposed to go, but has a still-superficial understanding of what that jargon means, and has a clunky and awkward writing style because of it. “Philosophy born of struggle”- of the audience to stay awake, that is…The good news is that those academics who still want real intellectual substance and old-world quality control are going to have to come to the online dissenting Right to get it, regardless of political persuasion.

    • I agree with what you say about the alternative intellectual discourse that one finds on-line, compared with which most academic journals are a miasmal bog. Just seeing one lying on a table now fills me with tremendous weariness. I’d keep one on my nightstand as a sleep aid, were it not for my superstitious fear that the printed insanity might infect my sleeping brain.


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