An Unforgivable Act of Cultural Appropriation

This reprehensible theft of cultural property by non-originators of the stolen item should be reported to the United Nations, or perhaps to the University Professors’ Union, or maybe even to Huma Abedin, who could tell That Woman about it.  Punishment must be meted out.  The very existence of this enormity threatens the foundations of Social Justice!  (And don’t be misled by the word “Cover” in the upper left-hand corner of the window.  “Cover” is a cover-word for a whistle-blowing conspiracy, or maybe it’s a whistle-blowing word for a conspiratorial cover-up.  Whatever it is, I smell a rat.  No offense meant to That Woman.  Or to any rats.)

The perfidious deed is reduplicated:

On an entirely different topic, I am in love, head over heels:

8 thoughts on “An Unforgivable Act of Cultural Appropriation

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    • Daniela Andrade is a Torontonian who has made a big impression on the nightclub scene in her city, more or less across the Lake from my city. I’m conspiring with my friend Larry to get her to cross the waters to sing in Oswego.


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