Fewtril: The Sadness of a Portly POG

You may have seen the video from the recent Charlotte riots, in which two Persons of God were attempting, without success, to quell the rioters’ avaricious furor. One was a portly black man, the other a confused white woman. Both were decked out in stoles, the woman’s being of a colorful and ornate variety. Both faced the onrushing surge of the avid rioters yelling, “stop,” the effect being like unto that of William F. Buckley’s otiose conservative. With their arms raised and their sacerdotal stoles flapping, these POGs resembled swaying trees. The flood of surging rioters passing through their arms and under their stoles resembled a river after a rain, which will likewise worry the trees along its bank, and will likewise press inexorably ahead. Oh the sadness of a portly POG amidst an avid and inexorable people.

5 thoughts on “Fewtril: The Sadness of a Portly POG

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  3. Haven’t seen the video and probably don’t care to watch it. Not my kind of entertainment, don’t ya know.

    I take it the “protesters” largely consisted of opportunist carpetbaggers in any case. Are the POGs in question really so clueless as to believe they could stop such a mob, or were they too part of the circus sideshow?

    • I’m guessing, of course, but something tells me that these two are the sort of POG that daydreams about leading this sort of mob. For all I know, they may both be admirable Christians, but they haven’t grasped that our secular society has no use for Christian leaders, and that they possess not one particle of authority, even among Christians.

      • That’s a great observation. Someone mentioned in another forum that Hillary suffers from being exposed as a fraud, a cheat, a liar and several other not so honorable attributes. I pointed out in reply that (in my estimation) upwards of fifty percent of the voting public *prefer* their elected officials are of such a low moral character. Not that I am of opinion that the elections aren’t predetermined to begin with, but again they must at least give off the appearance of legitimacy.


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