5 thoughts on “Students Are Moral Relativists: Problem and Solution

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  2. The most basic of false equations in the perverted “mathematics” of the moral relativist is (objective) Supremacy equals degeneracy SUCH THAT a degenerate life is “godly.”

    • No one actually believes in relativism in an absolute sense, including relativists. It is simply a strategy by which insecure solipsists rationalize their lack of virtue and the vices they participate in as, not vices, and the extension of such rationalizations naturally leads to casting them as in fact laudable.

      The dictat of civilization is simple; good to the good, bad to the bad. More emphatically, civilizations that lose the capability to consign garbage (especially in human guise) to the flames (or at least Push It Somewhere Else) are slowly eaten alive by entropy.

      Leftist subversion focuses primarily on the disruption of this simple formulation. There are two stages that leftist subversion throughout history has reliably followed and can be identified by; the first stage is opprobriation against ‘punishment’ in a general sense; the second stage is then the *idolization* of those particular factors and exponents who had previously received punishment.

      As the saying so often goes: ideas have consequences. The slippery slope is a law of nature. An assertion such as ‘blacks have moral authority over white cops to avoid scrutiny’ quickly and smoothly morphs into ‘blacks have moral authority over whites’, *tout court*. Assertions such as ‘queerosexuals have the moral authority over strait business owners to get wedding cakes done’ becomes ‘gaymodulates have moral authority over straits’. Assertions such as ‘desert tribesmen have moral authority over europoids to enter their lands and parasitize their social structures’ becomes… you get the idea. Any apparent nuance involved is but smoke in the wind, is often *indeed* smokescreen, in the face of implications marching to their logical conclusions.

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  4. Pseudo-Chrysostom is right: Relativism is a dodge. In its minimal degree It is a ploy to rid oneself of criticism and again to enjoy self-appointed privilege without complaint from other, injured, parties. On occasion, however, and maybe even frequently, relativism is a mask worn by the nihilist, to disguise his hatred of existence, and his determination to annihilate existence, under a rhetorically jejune disguise. That students should adopt relativism is understandable: They want the top grade whether they have earned it or not, and the relativist thesis serves them as a tool to negotiate for a better although undeserved evaluation.


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