5 thoughts on “Think of Us as Rod Taylor

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    • The scene reminds us that there are many ways to annihilate books – or whole libraries of books. Burning piles of books in the town square makes for a spectacle but is ultimately inefficient. The better way, adopted by the Left as it has gained its monopoly over education, is to deprive the youthful cohorts of any ability to read (“Whole Language” instruction does that) and of any curiosity. The books go unread until they have vanished from memory.

    • The venerable Mr. Auster gave the Wellsian coinage currency on the right. The term is indeed useful, as just about any sane college teacher will testify. However, Auster’s sense of the Eloi came from the film (and let me say how very good a film it is) rather from Wells’ novel where the Eloi are both less human and more sympathetic than in George Pal’s cinema version of the tale.


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