5 thoughts on “Think of Us as Brian

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  3. I suspect something is going over my head.

    I think of Brian as sadly deluded. He’s deluded, first, in his failure to understand the crowd. Look at what he is saying in the still version of the video above: “You don’t need to follow anybody.” Stark insanity. He’s more deluded, second, in his failure to understand himself. Anachronistically though it is, he is following the gospel of the Enlightenment, dutifully and thoughtlessly mouthing its toxic creed. Sadly: because he is bright enough to see through the mind prison but does not, so strong is his emotional need to follow and to obey and so bereft is he of genuine leadership.

    He is the black guy from the famous fight scene in They Live, struggling with his last strength to avoid putting on the sunglasses. In this scene, the fnords are twelve feet tall, chartreuse, and dancing before his eyes and still he sees not.

    • I find truth in Brian despite Monty Python: After all, Jesus did not ask us to imitate Him directly, but to imitate His imitation of the Father. I take Brian’s “anyone” as confined entirely to the natural realm. That is again, despite Monty Python. Detachment from the crowd is necessary to the reception of Grace.


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