Perry Marshall on Evolution

Apparently even Darwin’s bulldog, Thomas Huxley, regarded natural selection as a placeholder until a better theory came along to explain macroevolution. Marshall’s thoughts on the matter, from an engineering perspective, seem worth contemplating.

A New Theory of Evolution

7 thoughts on “Perry Marshall on Evolution

      • Well, sure, while it is theoretically possible for an evolutionary event to be deleterious, surely it is far more plausible (and likely) for an evolutionary event to be advantageous.

      • Yeah. After all, see all the good things that happen when people behave in a disordered fashion? When they break all the rules and “transgress”? Why, look at all the amazingly complex art that has been produced since 1920 …

        Actually, modern art is a case in point of support for Marshall’s argument. You can’t even get a Jackson Pollock without … Jackson Pollock.


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