Liberalism as a Reproductive Disorder

In a private discussion, Sage McLaughlin – long an important commenter at VFR, and now a contributor at WWWW – pointed out that there are only two ethnic groups in America today:

There is a low-functioning, parasitic, and culturally alienated group, which has a defect rendering it incapable of reproducing except through artificial means, which they erroneously refer to as “education.” This group is colloquially referred to as “liberal,” though unsurprisingly many of them do not accept the label.

Everybody else falls into a separate group, which goes by many names but is generally called “sane.”

Perfect! Liberalism is a meme that prevents the host from reproducing at a total fertility rate sufficient to maintain the infected population. Infants born to that population (as to any other) are chthonically traditional, but education infects them with liberalism. Education is the only way the liberal meme can survive from one generation to the next. Those infected defect from their natural ethny (routinely rebelling even against their liberal parents), and from all others. This leads to anomie, alienation, isolation, loneliness, and the host of psychopathologies to which liberals are famously prone: depression, anxiety, rage, paranoia, and so forth.

There is a cure for liberalism, but few seem constitutionally capable of completing it: radical metanoia. Resort to a red pill under conditions of extreme cognitive dissonance can start the process, but absent complete repentance it cannot fully take.

14 thoughts on “Liberalism as a Reproductive Disorder

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  3. @Kristor – I think you are absolutely correct to focus on this reproductive aspect. IF mainstream modern ideology was as biologically-grounded as it pretends to be, there would be extreme and urgent concern thta Man is behaving with reproductive self-suppression, like an animal being kept under alien and hostile conditions (a mouse being kept in a cage nextdoor to a rat) – and the degree of self-suppression is proportional to education years/ level, intelligence/ atheism – and the only known antidote is (some) traditional patriarchal religions.

    It is easy to be distracted from this plain fact by (mostly pseudo-) concerns about over population etc. But the significance of a species, living (in the developed nations) under conditions of unprecedented abundance, peace, comfort, sexual freedom, freedom from poverty etc – deliberately making itself extinct… is hard to over-emphasize.

    On top of this is the astonishing blandness and unconcern which this fact is set aside.

    This package is, indeed, by itself a *conclusive* indictment of modern Man and his ideology.

  4. Tradition is memorious. Memory is active; it requires closely supervised initiation. Liberalism, or modernity, or the Revolution, is a lotus-flower that induces amnesia. Those who eat it forget their homes, as Homer says, and lose their desire for a homecoming. Sing in me, Muse!

    • Yes; and to warrant initiation, the catechumen must practice, practice, practice. Memory must be trained (as once upon a time all students were taught how to memorize), or all that is solid will melt into air, the center will not hold, things will fall apart.

    • Maybe, but I doubt mankind will ever breed itself into idiocracy. Intelligence will just keep popping up. It seems inborn in us enough that even the peoples at the very low end of the bell curve will birth an occasional genius.

    • Symmetry is an indicator of fitness in humans, and usually absurdly high abstract reasoning comes with a corresponding lack of social skills or physical abilities. It’s like having one eye higher than the other or one large arm and one short one. There may be some utility in such anomalies but they’re not going to be desirable.

      Abstract intelligence is an attractor in and of itself. A person of high abstract intelligence, average physique and average social skills (not bad, just average) will be more desirable than a person who is all around average. And a person with above average of all three of those things are the most desirable outside of social status considerations.

      Humanity is set to improve humanity all around more than to select for abstract calculation ability alone, and that’s probably a good thing.

      As for lower IQ winning right now, it’s a so smart we’re stupid issue of losing fundamentals when trying to move on to higher things.

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  6. This is not really a useful way to look at the problem, as even people who reproduce above 2.0 are steadily having fewer children overall, including the Amish and Mormons and nothing is changing in the wider nominally non-liberal culture to make it possible to reverse the trend.

    • As any reactionary or traditionalist will tell you – as you have here just said – the “wider nominally non-liberal culture” is non-liberal in name only. It is actually right-liberal.

      But, anyway, useful for what? Mr. McLaughlin has nailed the fact that liberalism cannot reproduce itself except as a parasite on reproduction, via education; and that like most parasites, it vitiates its host. The host population can respond toward survival in two ways: reproduction, and memetic inoculation – or a curative re-education, toward metanoia. And that memetic cure is just what the orthosphere is trying to provide.


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