The Quality of Our Elite

The world’s elite recently wrapped up its annual conference in Davos.  To commemorate the event, they released 36 quotable quotes in meme form.  You can find them here.  Incredibly, this is what the masters of the universe want us to think of them.  As hard as it is to choose a favorite, I think this is mine:

Hat Tip: Zero Hedge.

38 thoughts on “The Quality of Our Elite

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  2. They range from bland, cliched and irrelevant, to horrifying. It’s not hard to see why our civilization is such a mess if this is what our elites truly believe.

  3. Dear goodness – this is bleak. If anything could ever make me sympathise with ISIS, it is this lot. The liberal kakistocracy is now truly beyond anything that resembles parody. They have actually gone the whole hog and made satire redundant.

    • This reminds me of the problem that Spike Jones faced when rock-n-roll, with its “hey nonny ding dong, a-lang a-lang a-lang”-type lyrics came out: how do you satirize this?

      The inmates are running the asylum (but we already knew that).

      The sheer inanity of their pronouncements is stunning. Plus, the more I see of Justin Trudeau, the more I understand why he is Superboy to the left: he hits all the liberal notes perfectly.

      • Completely true Mr. Lewis. Trudeau – the family name, the photogenic looks, the tousled hair, the right-on blather. He’s like a Tyrone Power for Guardianistas; the one who makes gals (and guys) go weak at the knees. Plus the fact that he has a massive tattoo somewhere, which is something I can’t imagine McKenzie King ever had. That fact alone makes me believe the eschaton has moved just that little bit closer.

        As for Spike Jones, a genius from a nobler age. His send-up of the “Hawaiian War Chant” was one for the memory.

  4. “The key to tackling extremism is despair. Rob them of the hope that their wild fantasies will win out the day.” –Netanyahu

    What a chilling thing to say. We know, given the person saying it, who is specifically being referred to, but taken in general it sounds like the directive of a sociopath.

    • A similar assertion might be: paying ransom to kidnappers promotes a healthy kidnapping industry.

      There’s a handful of sane comments among the 36, but Netanyahu’s is the only one that sketches a practical program for one of the most pressing problems that the world faces. After all, what’s the alternative? “Encourage the expectation that extremists’ wild hopes will be realised, and the problem will dissipate.” The key is in the reference to extremists. We have plenty of real ones out there.

      Kerry’s contribution, interestingly, is one that is simply true, short of the eschaton. But what have been the outcomes of the actual policies that Obama and Kerry have pursued? Catastrophe in the ME, and the lavish encouragement of the wildest hopes of an array of extremists.

      As for the great majority of the others, we can only shake our heads and wonder at the rampant insanity in the once-mighty culture of the West.

    • Aethelfrith is correct to read this as a general axiom of power. Listsp is wrong to think it only applies to really bad guys. What it reduces to is the very, very old idea that conflict is largely spiritual–a matter of breaking your enemy’s spirit while preventing him from breaking yours. By itself it is neither deplorable nor commendable. It depends on whose spirit gets broken.

      • JMS, I don’t think it applies only to bad guys. I think, though, that its application in this case is pretty clear. Consider also the context. Europe is flooded with refugees, of whom there are plenty in the camps in Jordan and Turkey, and opportunists, who want the material goods the the West can offer, and that Islam, in their countries of origin, does not.

        There are many who say that the only Christian response to this flood is to open the borders. Others say that such a policy is suicide for post-Christian Europe. Some brave souls might hold both positions. I note, though, that _every_ country in Europe that pointed the finger at Australia for stopping illegal immigration and the hundreds of drownings that accompanied it, has now closed its borders. That includes Germany, which initiated this chaotic migration.

        Europe and the ME seem to be at an historical watershed. While the Salafists are rampant, there will be no peace in the ME. In the minds of some, this whole maelstrom of violence can be laid at the door of Western support for Israel. Get rid of Israel, and the problem goes away. That argument is too idiotic to comment on.

        The only thing that will quieten Salafism down is crushing defeat. Who can see that happening? The old reliable of exhausting internecine blood-letting between Sunni and Shia might not be enough. Unlike those in the West who can find no common interest with the “perfidious Jews,” Sunni and Shia can ally against the common enemy, as in the case of Iran and Hamas.

        The times they are a’changing. It’s going to be a very rough ride.

      • My impression is that hostility to Israel is not a big rallying point for the Salafists. Of course it might become one down the road, but at present their energy is directed at purgation of corrupt elements within Islamic society. For some this is the corrupt Saudi monarch, for others corrupt Baathist regimes and their successors. In this respect they resemble the National Socialists, who perceived a mortal illness in German society and sought to purge what they believed were the deadly elements. The prospect of success is not great, in my opinion, but aim of the Salafists is a healthy and strong Islamic society. Of course they might use this power to attack Israel, but an attack on Israel is not their reason for seeking to be healthy and strong. It is the nature of every languishing society to seek to revive itself, although most languishing societies fail in their attempt to do so.

      • Listsp, the Jews have no right to Jerusalem anymore than the Muslims. That is Christian land and Christian land alone.

        “The only thing that will quieten Salafism down is crushing defeat. Who can see that happening? The old reliable of exhausting internecine blood-letting between Sunni and Shia might not be enough. Unlike those in the West who can find no common interest with the “perfidious Jews,” Sunni and Shia can ally against the common enemy, as in the case of Iran and Hamas.”

        I WISH that the West thought this way. Unfortunately, we’ve spent too much time allying with the perfidious Jews and to our detriment (U.S.S. Liberty is one example of Jewish perfidy).

        We are better off making common cause with the secular dictators of the Middle East like Assad and the late Hussein as well with Russia. We have more in common with them than to the Jews or the Muslims.

        Sorry, but the Jewish neocons were the ones who pushed for a war in Iraq which destabilized it and lead to the rise of ISIS. These same types were trying to push for war with Assad’s Syria and Putin’s Russia.

        We don’t need the Jews to counter Islamic aggression. Fr. Torquemada, Charles Martel, and Vlad Dracula did just fine without Are Most Premier “Ally”.

      • Vishmehr, from that position alone I could agree with you. But the Jews and their shabbas goy lap-dogs say that they have the right to the land via Divine Right. From a Divine perspective, they have no right to the land.

    • No googling required for me. I knew she was talking about mind-reading fMRI machines immediately. What else could she be talking about? And, like josh said, huh? This mind reading fMRI machines stuff is as dippy as head-freezing and computer-simulated consciousness.

      How about this. I will only “assume” people are morons who have trouble distinguishing the concepts “assume” and “conclude.”

      • Obviously, that is what it was about.

        I can vaguely remember, just out of college, when fast internet was fairly newish, reading new scientist articles at my first “real” job. Scientists must have cured cancer twenty times in the early 2000s. 3D printers used to print up houses for the worlds poor. And I was going to live forever on a CD-ROM. Also, “I can”autocorrected to “Ivan” in my first sentence. Even if materialism weren’t a silly superstition, the legal implications arising from mind reading brain scans would be a pretty goofy topic for discussion, especially when we don’t fully understand all of the implications for inclusiveness.

        Also the lady who thinks we really need an “internet of women” must not be too familiar with the one we have.

      • The fMRI thing is an amazing academic fad. There is now a subfield of Economics called Neuroeconomics which basically consists of putting people’s heads in fMRI machines and asking them to solve economic problems, make decisions, play games, etc. The crudity of the results is hard to overstate. Look! When you’re thinking about trading off future consumption against current consumption, this voxel lights up, showing that these half million neurons are using more glucose than they were before we asked the question!! It’s like seeing inside your mind!!1!

        They should bring back that old lie detector show with F Lee Bailey, except this time with fMRI. That’s a million dollar idea, right there. It could be hosted by Black Science Man. You’d want Nita on the celebrity panel. And Bill Clinton. Damn. If only I were a raging gay pedophile, I could make a mint in Hollywood!

  5. DrBill, your reply has not yet appeared.
    “So, you’re saying we should profligately murder settlers’ children until they give up their fantasies of Greater Israel?”

    So you’re saying that 1) all settlers are extremists, and 2) there is no difference between the settlers and the knife and car attackers of the Third Intifada, or the IS and Al-Nusra “settlers”?

    Of course you’re not. At least, I don’t think you are.

      • DrBill,

        Here in Australia, we elected a “Conservative” government under Tony Abbott in 2013. Mr Abbott is a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, and the Liberals were in a long-standing coalition with the National Party (formerly the Country Party). “Liberal” has a different meaning here.

        One of the policies of the new government was the removal or modification of the invidious Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. From the Human Rights Commission: ‘Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful for someone to do an act that is reasonably likely to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” someone because of their race or ethnicity.’

        The proposed changes were vigorously opposed by the “progressive” media, and by various ethnic groups, notably the representatives of the Muslim community. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims were the Jews of Australia. This may come as no surprise in the country of the ACLU.

        Then there’s the Holocaust™ branding. The current Holocaust takes around 1.3 million lives every year in the US. Here, it takes about 100,000. Similar figures pertain throughout the West, wherever the Glorious Feminist Revolution is celebrated. However, if you dare to mention Holocaust in the same sentence as the proscribed term “abortion” you be assailed for trade mark violations by the defenders of Jewish exceptionalism.

        All of these things I find deeply offensive. I’m over the Jews of Australia.

        None of this, however, changes my support of Israel and its sometime allies against its enemies in the region. Why would it?

      • Like I said, I’m not really interested in discussing Israel because those discussions are unlikely to be productive here. Hence the deletion. On your narrow point, as you say, objecting to one of the Jews’ noxious strategems in diaspora doesn’t commit you to disliking Israel. Moreover, Israel-loving anti-semite is not a logically precluded category, either. Indeed, there are Israel-loving anti-semites.

        None of this changes the fact that Netanyahu in that quote is a cartoon villain cackling as he rubs his hands together, fantasizing about crushing victims he already has splayed beneath his feet.

        You would have no difficulty seeing the logical errors in your reply to my deleted comment if you would just look for them. But I’m not pointing them out.

      • Gee, thanks DrBill. An exercise for the reader.

        (And on another point, for WordPress, it would be useful if deletion of a comment were also mailed to those who had received the original comment. It might save “unproductive” exchanges.)

  6. Today’s elite could be described as moralistic machiavellians. So long as the end is lofty, one needn’t be particular about the means. One sees this in low-level SJW’s, who in pursuit of their lofty goal show no special regard for truth, decency, tolerance, privacy, etc.

  7. My assumption is that these talks were partly a smokescreen and distraction – and partly the successful act of co-opting and corrupting the individual speakers themselves – as representative of various interest groups.

    I presume that away from the conference chamber and behind closed doors the shape-sifting, blood-drinking reptilians were meeting in twos and threes and doing whatever it is that they do.

  8. There is a novel by Thomas Mann, “Тhe Magic Mountain”, the plot is setup in Davos, if I recall correctly – in a sanatorium for those suffering from severe lung diseases. The entire plot happens inside the sanatorium, with quite a few elite patients from different parts of pre – WWI Europe, which symbolize different philosophical and political movements of the age.

    Setting aside the lung diseases, I think that the word sanatorium (which “Тhe Magic Mountain” is a metaphor of), sums up quite nicely the Davos “world elite” meetings of our time.

    A bunch of lunatics and sick freaks with lots of spare time on their hands blabbering about how enlightened, knowledgeable and genius they are, and singing praises at each other to boost their low to nonexistent self-esteem.

  9. In the process of writing my book, I am dedicating a whole chapter to just quotes from the Liberals of the last 100 years. They really are insane. The ‘World Economic Forum’ is a rat’s nest of token idiots, sneering merchants, and feminist nutjobs. Call in the airstrike.


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