Sunday 27 December 2015

Christmas Party 02

Genuine Multiculturalism (From Left to Right): Lazar Sokolovski (Former World-Literature Professor, University of Moscow, Poet, Essayist; Max (Lazar’s Youngest Son – Occasionally my Student -Fine Essayist in English); Eric Schmitz (SUNY Oswego’s Jazz Master); Alla (Lazar’s Wife and Max’s Mother – Artist, Photographer); Natalya (Eric’s wife, from St. Petersburg, Linguist, Artist, Educator); Yours Truly (TFB); Richard Fader (King of Oswego – My Mentor in How to be an Upstate -New-Yorker).  Not Pictured: George and Heike Koenig (George was my wife’s German Professor in the 1970s; Heike was born in Hamburg); Kestutis and Yelena Bendinskas (Kestutis, Lithuanian by birth, is Professor of Chemistry at SUNY Oswego; Yelena, his Wife, a Russian, is a talented Painter); Larry Klotzko (the Photographer – also Proprietor of the Old City Hall Tavern and Restaurant, Oswego, NY); Ana Djukovic-Cocks (Professor of German at SUNY Oswego, Serbian-born); Nicolas Cocks (Ana’s Son – Lead in every Production at SUNY Oswego during the Just-Completed Semester); Joseph Bertonneau – Geology Major, Master Clarinetist, Percussionist, Bell-Ringer, Chorister, Saint Paul’s Parish, Oswego, NY, and Clarinetist, Oswego City Band); Richard Zakin (Master Ceramist); Helen Zakin (Art Historian).  Everyone brought a dish – wonderful Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian dishes.  There were many toasts.  We love life.  I wish that all the Orthosphereans could have been with us.

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