Showing my Face

Bertonneau comme Frenchman II

As I have made it a principle to use my real name in my posts, I thought it would complement the principle to show my actual face – just to prove, as it were, that I have a face and that I exist. The photograph also serves to illustrate my “take” on the mind-body problem – or rather its solution!.  I am, of course, raising a “Salut!” to my Gallic ancestors (it being All Hallows Eve) and to my friends at The Orthosphere.

18 thoughts on “Showing my Face

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  3. By the way, in my grogginess this morning I might accidentally have deleted a post by someone who remarked that I look, in the photograph, an awfully lot like the “Mario” video-game character. If so – my apologies. Indeed, there is a resemblance, possibly through a Massillian or Nicoise connection.

    • Everyone’s comments are currently in moderation. We are attempting to weed out some trolls and malicious interlopers. Moderation is under discussion. Should it become a permanent policy of the website, we will declare the changes in our standing rules of order. It is nothing personal about you, Infowarrior. I salute you. (TFB)

    • Whenever I’m on campus, I definitely detect something. (At my previous college, Central Michigan University, it was the extremely bad ventilation in the men’s room.)


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