Collapse: It’s What Man Does

Collapse is what man does. It is what we do best; in it, we do our best. It is what we are specially adapted to cope with. It has formed us again and again. Civilization today is what it is, and has reached its present heights of power, capability, knowledge and coordination, because of the many civilized orders that preceded it, and that worked brilliantly until suddenly they didn’t. From their failures, we may keep learning how not to fail. Tradition is the lore of past collapses; new collapses cannot but refresh tradition, even as they edit and reform it. 

Naturally and rightly we seek to avoid it, because collapse is always costly, and painful. But so is life; is there any human life that suffers no collapses, no irreparable disasters? The question answers itself. How then might any society of humans ever do otherwise? We ought then look upon the coming collapse as a runner looks forward to a race, or a singer to a recital – or even as a runner looks forward to a workout, or a singer to her scales. The adversity of collapse makes man himself, and more than he has been.

Bring it on.

18 thoughts on “Collapse: It’s What Man Does

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  3. “The Christian has nothing to lose in a catastrophe.”

    – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

    In the collapse of an established order, the Overton window is liable to implode entirely to the benefit of ‘extremists’ and we have good historical evidence of this. Thus, I think the future battle will be between Reactionary Christians and the Pol Pot inspired descendants of Occupy and the Green movement. Everyone else will be highly disorganized or dead.

    • I see where you are going with that – as Lewis says, at the approach of crisis the choice of alternatives becomes less avoidable as it grows ever clearer – but it is hard to see the SJW, with her inveterate rejection of social order or authority or discipline, as a serious warrior in a shooting war. Such as she are paper tigers. I think they are likely either to be numbered with the dead, or to suffer their own collapse and flip to Reaction – either Christian or Muslim. The corporeal war will be then with Islam.

    • Citadel, do we even have hardcore leftists like the Red Army anymore or just limprwristed weaklings taking advantage of our decadent age and our Nietszchean transvaluation of values where weakness is moral strength? I don’t see much coming from the noodle-armed brigade, most of whom are legitimately mentally ill.

      What we see now is more like the Revolt of the Low Men than a genuine Leftist movement.

      We must be willing to do what it takes to align the Union and the Greater West with it’s true destiny.

      Unfortunately, I’ve read enough Spengler to think that destiny at this point will be collapse; we must die as must civilizations. We will have to prepare for dealing with resurgent Islam like Kristor mentions in that collapse however.

      • The left will recruit all the muscle they need using “the nukes” as moral justification. They will “protect the nukes” at all costs, which actually means protecting their leftist establishments, but nukes will serve nicely as a justification for the mass murder of Americans.

        They will also use “racism” and “sexism” etc. to recruit muscle, since any American rebellion would not pass a civil rights law. The left was practically ready to go to war with Russia (remember Sochi Olympics) over their policies regarding fags. Wait until an American rebellion is courting Russian assistance and smuggling through Mexico.

      • The thing is that Islam can be pushed back to defined geographic regions. There is somewhere to drive them back to. This isn’t the case with Liberalism.

        I would not be surprised if Europe completely shatters into a million pieces. Mini caliphate ‘districts’ here and there, etc. Open warfare in the streets and a high degree of territorialism.

      • Was the Left actually agitated war for the faggots in Russia?

        If the types who set us into the Recession keep plundering us and more and more of the Silent Majority start to starve, they will stay silent no longer.

        The Establishment is truly stupid, not only are they plundering Americans, they are trying to replace them at the same time and on top of that, they are explicitly degrading the morals of the populace.

        How do you see this standing for long?

        Regarding the nukes, when the Left destabilized and destroyed South Africa, the first thing they did was denuke SA, lol. The Cultural Marxist Left is never consistent (many because it is not a legitimate political entity but more of a mass of Low Men and well-intentioned but naive useful idiots controlled by powerful monied interests) and therefore there is no point in arguing with it. The days of civility and discussion are over, now it is time for action.

      • Mark Citadel,
        There are prophecies to be considered as well. Gilson considered the rise of the godless Man as the sign of the Anti-Christ. The Man is Anti-Christ. And the woman with sun has already appeared at Fatima.

  4. What our elites forget is how they will control a mob that may not have feared man but did fear God, but now increasingly fears neither man nor God.

  5. It seems to me that national crises leading to civil war only occur in America when a political/constitutional crisis coincides with a social/cultural crisis. This has only happened twice so far. In the War of Independence they were who has ultimate political authority (state legislatures or the English Parliament) and with which nationality does each citizen identify (English or American). During the 1860’s war with ten names the social/cultural crisis was the legitimacy of Negro slavery and the political/constitutional crisis was about two opposing views of the nature of the Union. The m/c crisis now is obvious in the march to sins which blatantly violate natural law. What will the p/c crisis be that will detonate the explosion?

    • Democracy and the intramural conflicts between left and right liberals have produced a system with tremendous immunity to genuine political/constitutional crisis. The former ritualistically garners the personal assent of the bulk of the population to the legitimacy of the liberal governing consensus. The latter produces regular political faux-conflict-for-show which keeps the Overton window narrow. Real technological advances keep large enough numbers of people fed, sheltered, and pacified. Fake technological advances (e.g. in medicine) provide a way for authority to pacify potential troublemakers with stupefying drugs while pretending that they are not exercising authority and that the stupefying drugs are actually for the good of the “patient.” This nihilistic self-stupification has been so successful that a large portion of society agitates for the legalization of their own favored stupefying drugs, mainly so they can get them cheaper and without always having to seek out permission slips from authority (“prescriptions” from “doctors”).

      Many self-sustaining mechanisms have evolved, and many ways of dealing with undesirables and heretics without threat to the system’s self-justification, even though – and in fact because – the liberalism which justifies the system is rationally incoherent. The system is built on lies, but they are subtle and mutually reinforcing lies, and it has many different ways of dealing with heretics who see through the lies.

      I predict at least 50 more years of longevity in the current system, and would not be surprised by 500 years. We’ll all be long dead before anything new and sustainable replaces liberalism– whether that replacement is some other configuration of lies, or a Catholic Christian society.

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  8. Well, I don’t feel particularly antifragile. I mean, in Europe, you almost even cannot be. The whole idea of the “survivalist” culture in the US is based on having wilderness around. I think the kind of society that is so dense that you cannot walk 10-20 km in a forest without hitting a village cannot collapse gently.

    • Where civilization has been long established, there many collapses have occurred, with the result either that settlements are thick on the ground (as in Europe and China) or sparse (as in the Levant, where Islam deleted much of civilization). Western Civilization in North America has suffered a few paroxysms – the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, the Great Depression, the Great Society – but not yet any collapses.


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