Worship ergo Being

As theology includes and subvenes metaphysics, so mysticism – which is to say, simply, effectually realized worship – includes and subvenes theology. Metaphysics then can usher us in to theology, and theology to worship. But to enter worship through the double vestibules of philosophy and theology is to take the long road; a direct and immediate entry is available to all creatures, as near to them as their own hearts. As subvening metaphysics, worship subvenes all that metaphysics subvenes, and covers; which is to say, that worship is the basis and sine qua non of being. At our animal bottom, and at its most primitive, worship is expressed in our love of life, of our own mere existence.

Indeed, even the simplest entities exist and perdure only in virtue of their love of the forms they inherit from God and express in their concrete actuality. That love is the urge to become. To be, then, is at least to begin to worship: to attest in act to the worth of the Lord of all being. Everything partakes it. And this is why mystics in their raptures notice that the very mud of the street is afire with surpassing beauty, effulgent with joy. 

11 thoughts on “Worship ergo Being

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  2. Exactly. Existence is a participation in Being, i.e., a participation in the Deity. There are degrees of this, and the less excellent participate in some ways immediately and in other ways through the mediation of the more excellent. For the Catholic nourished on the Sacraments, this participation is at the highest pitch of all (also both immediate in some ways, and through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin, the Angels and Saints). It is a great tragedy to participate in Being without knowing it, without acknowledging it, even to the point of being so blind as to use the participation in Being to make choices towards non-being. To truly exist, is to begin to be aware of this participation in Being, and to truly be aware of this can be nothing but joy and adoration and charity.

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  4. Here is “Simchas Torah” by Ernest Bloch, from the Bal Shem Suite, played by violinist Axel Strauss and pianist Solon Gordon:

    Not so long ago I wrote about Ernest Bloch here:

    http://orthosphere.org/2013/12/19/ernest-bloch-and-the-prophetic-impulse-music-as-spiritual-protest/ [“Ernest Bloch and the Prophetic Impulse”]

    Here is “One Moment of Perfect Beauty” from Babylon 5 (Season 2, Episode 14):

    (Be patient through to 2.57 in the clip, but watch the whole clip)

    Here is A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden by Toru Takemitsu:

    Here finally is Allison Krauss singing “Down to the River to Pray”:

  5. And because the white Supremacist worships The Perfect Man then being is perfect. Hence, perfected being necessitates worship. The enemy “sees” “nothing” as truly worthy of worship. And so the enemy rejects “being.” The enemy desires self-annihilation.

  6. It must be degenerate to knowingly worship less than perfect being… Which brings “us” to a lot of the cop/soldier worship to be found amongst traditionalists and how this seems to work to the pigs’ advantage while at the detriment of the police. There seems at this lowest point in our collective descent an urgent need for a “Perfection Oath.” All authorized “violent executives” must take an oath to only operate with perfection in mind. Many in the line of business tell themselves that hesitation can get them killed. There is very clearly a massmedia attempt at collective cop hesitation… But, this does not effect pigs… Ergo, only “good cops” get killed. Perfection and hesitation are intimately involved as the former stands as solution to the redundancy of the latter. Only credible voices can demand the cop/soldier to act with perfection and avoid deadly hesitation. Those credible voices MUST BE white traditionalists or the message cannot possibly resonate with any hope of success.

    White cops must operate as white Supremacists OR they become “white pigs” operating by the “rules” of radical autonomy. Who will force the issue because the increased citizen collateral damage is inevitable otherwise.

  7. Beautiful piece. Not much that can be added. Worship is always properly directed upward, and can be oriented in this direction through our love of God’s creation, but this must always be trumped by our love of God Himself.


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