C. S. Lewis on the Trump Candidacy

From God in the Dock:

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

In other words, better to be ruled by The Donald than by Madam Commissar Hillary.


Trump may be an opportunist, but he’s a sincere opportunist. His support of liberal politicians and policies were probably not motivated by idealism but the desire for practical personal advantage. A man like that can sometimes by swayed by the facts, or by popular uproar.

Even if President Trump were personally to favor the legitimacy of abortion, sodomy, and the like, he wouldn’t necessarily go to war for them. Better a man indifferent to evil than one who loves it.

Not so president Hillary. She’s a dedicated leftist. She would endlessly torment us for our own good.

[Of course, a Trump Presidency may well usher in other, harder-to-predict, evils. No endorsement of The Donald here. Just making an observation.]

25 thoughts on “C. S. Lewis on the Trump Candidacy

  1. Better a man indifferent to evil than one who loves it.

    Why do you assume that he is indifferent to evil? The absolute overriding concern is to stop the annihilation of our nation by the democrats attempt to eradicate the white middle classes through immigration, illegal or otherwise. If we do not we will hae one party, communist rule. Try talking about the evils of abortion.

    What a smug condescending posting. You do not seem to have the least undertanding of what is going on.

    • You’ve missed the point, dude. We don’t know that much about Trump’s convictions, but we do know that even if he fails to oppose cultural corruption he’s still better than Mrs. C. I guess you think I was damning him with faint praise.

      I agree with you that from the standpoint of politics proper, issue number one is the dissolution of our nation by mass immigration. Trump is doing us all a service in that area.

      • I disagree. It is the abortion and in particular, unrestricted abortion which is the greatest political evil today. Legalized murder is self-contradictory to a State and would dissolve it even if all immigration is stopped.

      • No politician will do anything about abortion, at least in the near future. The bolder conservative ones talk about defunding Planned Parenthood. That’s about the best you’ll get which is next to nothing.

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  4. Trump is liberal on the question of abortion. Thus, he is not indifferent to evil but a supporter of the greatest political evil of the West. He has weaseled on the question of federal funding of PP. He should be asked on partial-birth abortion as well.

    And if we are talking quotes there is a GKC quote to the effect that it is a typical modern fallacy to say that a rich man is trustworthy because he can not be bought. GKC says that the rich man is already corrupt. Plus, to say that the rich are trustworthy denies Original Sin. The rich are not exempt.

    People are already saying that because Trump is rich he can not be bought. They would certainly be disillusioned. You do not become rich by being indifferent to money

    • Depends on what you mean by “supporter.” Just about everybody today goes along with abortion being legal, but they are not necessarily enthusiastic about it. Many people are able to see the light when presented with the facts, and President Trump just might refrain from giving aid and comfort to the abortion industry because he’s a basically normal person rather than a leftist storm trooper.

      And I was obviously wasn’t saying that Trump is trustworthy. I was just making an observation. You just have a bad attitude, vishmehr24.

  5. Mr. Roebuck gets it correct. Trump certainly has some “natural virtues” that someone like Mitt Romney never had despite both men being corporate bigwigs. Anyway watching Trump as the proverbial bull in the GOP china shop is certainly amusing. I think it inures to everyone’s benefit to have the process shaken up.

    On the substantive front one aspect I like about Trump is that he at least makes a show of reaching out to perhaps the most neglected constituency in America namely working-class white males. Trump also understands that while it’s important to not import a veritable slave class at the expense of your own workers you also have to take actions to not flood your country with foreign goods. Most mainstream conservatives still do not grasp that with the flow of goods comes the flow of persons and vice versa. Such is the inextricable logic of liberal economics. Trump’s platform is at least coherent in seeing this.

  6. If Trump manages to successfully hide the “black” collective’s psychic hatred for normal whites through an expedient appeal to the mutual wrongness of unfettered immigration then I believe he will have done a “great” service for the zeitgeist.

  7. Trump is a “white elite,” but not a genuine white Supremacist. Absolutely incoherent. His job is to mend fences amongst black and white middle and working classes just as Roof’s “act” was to bring white and black Christians together in mutual grievance.

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  9. Trump has a big ego, but so does Hillary. Trump just wears his on his sleeve. What you see is what you get. It’s kind of refreshing, but in a disconcerting way. Can Trump become the king or just a king maker? If one is looking for a thoughtful, low-key, accomplished, and intelligent Christian in the contest, Ben Carson comes to mind.

    • You forgot to write “Doctor” in front of Ben Carson. He’s “Dr. Ben Carson.” Fox News analysts like Hannity correctly address him this way. For some reason they don’t address either of the Paul’s as “doctor.”

      • True enough. If he is elected, he could become President Dr. Carson. I liked the German way of compiling titles as in Herr Professor Doktor.

  10. He seems to care about the issues that matter most to my children’s future plus he’s got f-you money along with the attitude. As it looks, definitely voting for him.

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  12. No endorsement of The Donald here. Just making an observation.

    Go the whole Donald, man. Hindsight is the spilled issue of foresight denied.


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